Dania Shamas

Ms. Dania is a clinical Audiologist with more than 4 years of experience, Her special interest in the field is to provide professional clinical care for her patients by identifying, assessing and managing disorders of hearing, balance and other related neural systems.

Ms. Dania was responsible for the hearing screening of newborns in the Red Crescent hospital, providing the comprehensive audiometric testing procdures including evoked potential testing, otoacoustic emission, objective middle ear function assessments, and other specialized testing procedures for both pediatric and adults.

Ms. Dania also provide therapeutic and rehabilitative treatment solutions, manage and fit hearing aids, cochlear implantation, middle ear implantation and other assistive listening devices for hard-hearing children and adults, she also provide counceling about the Auditory Verbal Therapy following surgeries for pre and post language aqusition candidate.

Ms. Dania conducted various speech, language, and hearing awareness campaigns back in Palestine and Jordan, she helped families to be reassured about their hard of hearing children. More further, she managed presentations at schools and universities to help them to engage easily in society and help others to be familiar and helpful.
She helps in prevent noise induced and sudden hearing loss by counseling about protective hearing devices and educating patients especially on the effects of noise on hearing.

Spoken Languages : Arabic, English
Types of Physician : Full-time
DHA License : Specialist Clinical Audiologist
Branches : American Hospital Dubai
American Hospital Al Barsha Clinic
American Hospital Jumeirah Clinic


  • Audiology and Speech Language Pathology, Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

Professional Associations:

  • British Academy of Audiology

Professional Experience:

  • Clinical Audiologist, Palestinian Red Crescent, Palestine
  • Clinical Specialist, MED-EL, Palestine - Jordan - Iraq province
  • Certified Dispensing Audiologist, Sky Medical for Hearing and Speech, Palestine
  • Clinical Audiology and Speech Pathology Trainee, King Abdullah University Hospital, Jordan

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Comprehensive audiometric testing for pediatric and adults.
  • Auditory Brainstem Response testing for pediatric and infants.
  • Hearing screening for newborn and school aged children.
  • Hearing aids evaluation tests, fitting and follow up.
  • Cochlear Implantation evaluation tests, pre- and post-surgical procedures.
  • Tinnitus assessment, counseling and treatment therapy including TRT.