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Patients admitted at American Hospital Dubai are treated with extra special attention, thanks in part to our dedicated faculty at the Division of Hospital Medicine.

American Hospital’s Division of Hospital Medicine is dedicated to delivering the highest quality of medical care to patients in the safest, most efficient, and most compassionate manner possible. The faculty in the Division of Hospital Medicine consists of physicians, hospitalists or internal medicine consultants, and nurse practitioners; each of them is an expert in providing inpatient medical care and co-manage surgical patients with comorbidities. The division is focused on:

• Providing inpatient care across a wide range of disorders
• Providing attentive service to the family members/attendants and visitors of our patients
• Practice novel health care delivery models (which are patient-centric)
• Providing consultative services on general medicine
• Ensuring that patients have a smooth transition out of the hospital
• Contributing to hospital-wide initiatives to further enhance the quality of care delivered

Generally, when a patient is admitted to American Hospital Dubai, (s)he may be cared for by a Hospitalist.

About Hospitalists:

Hospitalists are Internal Medicine Consultants whose primary professional focus is Hospital Medicine. All Hospitalists at American Hospital are American Board of Internal Medicine Certified and have extensive experience in Hospital Medicine. They practice on a model that is patient and family-centered, team-based, with emphasis on compassionate care, effective communication, and care coordination.

Hospitalists admit all patients with multiple and complex medical conditions either admitted for a medical condition or a surgical condition. If you enter the hospital through the Emergency Department or other hospitals, Hospitalists take on the role of coordinating your care as the Most Responsible Physician. Hospitalists are on duty every day, all day. They provide 24-hour inpatient medical consultation service and are often the first to respond to emergencies. Collectively, the team’s goal is to combine the latest evidence-based medicine with thoughtful consideration of each person’s needs to ensure wellness and healing.

What to Expect When Admitted to the Hospitalist Service:

• Daily visits and evaluations by the different members of the hospitalist team including Consultants and Associate physicians with a thorough review of your problem and frequent follow-up of your lab tests, imaging studies, and referrals.
• Daily Meetings and discussions among the hospitalist team, subspecialty physicians, and other services including dietary, and physical therapy concerning patient care
• Updates from the hospitalist team to the patient and their family members about the patient’s condition, test results, and plan of care
• Regular communication with the patient from nurses and hospital staff
• Hospitalist Team also are involved in teaching medical students from different universities in UAE.
• After discharge, the hospitalist team will provide follow-up recommendations to the patient’s physicians through the electronic medical record.

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