Georges Wanna

Assistant Professor Dr. Georges Wanna is a German board-certified ENT, head and neck surgeon. He received his basic medical training in the RWTH University of Aachen, Germany, in December 2009, and completed his German board in otolaryngology in June 2015. He worked as a consultant for two years at Saint Josef Hospital in Hagen, Germany. In July 2017, he started his consultant fellowship in otology/neurotology at the Centre Hospitalier Universitaire (CHU) in Lille, France. Asst. Prof. Dr. Wanna is subspecialized in ear microsurgery and lateral skull base, endoscopic ear surgery, cochlear implant, surgical and conservative facial nerve rehabilitation, and stapedotomy. He has also wide experience in pediatric and adult general ENT pathology.

Spoken Languages : Arabic, English, French, German
Types of Physician : Full-time
DHA License : Consultant Ear, Nose & Throat Surgeon - Director of Dubai Hills Clinic and Al Khawaneej Clinic
Branches : American Hospital Dubai
Al Khawaneej Clinic
Dubai Hills Clinic


  • National Medical Licensing examination, RWTH Aachen, Germany,
  • Specialist for Otolaryngology, Westphalia Lippe, Germany,
  • University Degree in Otology and Otoneurology, Bordeaux, France,

Professional Associations:

  • German ENT Society
  • French ENT Society

Professional Experience:

  • ENT Consultant, Saint Josef Hospital Hagen, Germany,
  • ENT Consultant, Seclin Carvin Hospital Group, France,
  • Otology and Neurotology Consultant, CHRU Lille, France,

Clinical Expertise & Services Offered:

  • Microsurgery of the ear and lateral skull base
  • Cochlear implants
  • Endoscopic ear surgery
  • Stapes surgery
  • Speech delay, deafness, hearing loss, dizziness, vertigo and tinnitus
  • Parotid and salivary gland surgery
  • Facial nerve surgery and reconstruction
  • Snoring evaluation and surgery
  • Nose septal and turbinate surgery
  • Endoscopic surgery of paranasal sinuses
  • Pediatric surgery (ear, nose, throat)
  • Tonsillectomy with and without Laser
  • Adenoidectomy
  • Tracheotomy
  • Larynx surgery with and without Laser
  • Head and Neck tumor surgery
  • Microlaryngoscopy for treatment of vocal cord pathology