Dental Digital Lab


American Hospital Dubai Digital Dental Lab: Hub of Innovation and Precision

Digital technology has transformed dentistry as it has other fields. From diagnosis to treatment and outcomes, digital dentistry delivers speed, precision and enhanced results for various dental restorations and prosthetics.

With its state-of-the-art digital dental lab, American Hospital Dental Institute is led by experienced professionals who blend the latest digital dental know-how with medical expertise to fulfil your expectations.

The Advantages of Digital Dentistry

Conventional methods of obtaining dental impressions and mapping the teeth contours can be time-consuming and laborious. Digital dentistry uses tools that create efficiency, precision and is more user-friendly. It results in the following:

Enhanced Precision: Tools such as CAD/CAM (Computer-aided Design/Computer-aided Manufacturing) map the oral cavity, and teeth design precisely to help shape the restorations and prosthetics for an exact fit. Getting the perfect fit to achieve the natural look is critical, and digital dentistry enables us to achieve it faultlessly. The technology’s 3-D model allows a full scope of the outcome, allowing the patient and the doctor to see how the result will look.
Streamlined Workflow: The process is seamless and eliminates guesswork, as digitization leaves no area invisible or out of range. It helps to work towards a clear and precise restoration outcome.
Comprehensive Treatment Planning: The clarity, precision and 360-degree scanning using digital tools creates the perfect base to design a treatment plan because all elements are factored in, and the dentist and patient are on the same page.
Seamless Communication: The transparency of the digital mapping journey helps you voice your concerns and doubts to the doctor throughout the process, ensuring there are no communication gaps. It gives you peace of mind and confidence in the results.

Are You Looking for Top-Notch Dental Lab Services? Our Advanced Digital Lab Also Provides Services for Dental Professionals

Our range of digital lab services not only helps our patients get the best results, but we also meet the diverse needs of other dental professionals through the following services:

  • Digital Impressions
  • CAD/CAM Restorations
  • Implant Restorations: 3D Printing
  • Quality Assurance and Personalized Service.

We have strict standards to ensure dental professionals get the most satisfactory services from us. We are committed to being their reliable partners and delivering top-quality restorations for their patients.

Each restoration undergoes a meticulous inspection before it leaves our digital lab, guaranteeing the highest patient satisfaction.