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Interventional radiology is based on the management of various diseases and conditions using image guidance for patients with cancers, vascular, gastrointestinal, urological, gynecological, and respiratory diseases as well as other conditions.

Our interventional radiologist specializes in minimally invasive image-guided treatments that have proven to be less risky, less painful with better recovery time compared to open surgery. 

Our aim is to provide high-quality care and individualized treatment using minimally invasive image-guided procedures. We are dedicated to the continuous improvement of our interventional techniques and skills, as well as, the medical management of patients with oncology, vascular, gastroenterology, urology, nephrology, gynecology, musculoskeletal, and respiratory diseases. We also aspire to become successful trainers for future trainees.

We provide a 24-hour consultant-led interventional radiology on-call service at American Hospital, Dubai. The consultant is available via switchboard.

Please ensure that all relevant information is included in the referral form. Complex cases should be discussed with an interventional radiologist. An interventionist will vet each request to ensure that the most appropriate procedure is carried out.

Face to face and Telehealth video consultation is available for patients.

We anticipate that many physicians across different medical and surgical specialties would benefit from access to this innovative service.

We hope the driver for this growth would be physicians recognizing the value IR play in a patient care pathway and willing to engage in developing this much-needed service.

Our interventional radiologists perform innovative treatments using state-of-the-art techniques in a variety of imaging modalities including fluoroscopy, computed tomography, and ultrasound.

Vascular access, Thromboembolic, and Vascular disease

- Placement of PICCs, chest ports and tunneled venous catheters and tunneled dialysis lines

- Arteriography

- Extracranial Angioplasty/Stenting including endovascular aneurysm repair, below knee and foot arch angioplasty

- Ilio-femoral Arterial Atherectomy

- Arterial thrombolysis, angioplasty, and stenting

- Venous thrombolysis, angioplasty, and stenting

- Permanent and temporary vena caval filtration

- SVC and IVC stenting

- Vascular malformation sclerotherapy and embolization

- Trauma bleeding embolization and stenting


- GI Bleeding selective embolization

- Percutaneous and Transjugular liver biopsy

- Placement and maintenance of gastrostomy and gastrojejunostomy feeding tubes

- Paracentesis and tunneled long term abdominal drains

- Percutaneous transhepatic cholangiogram and biliary drainage.

- Stenting of malignant strictures: bile duct, oesophageal and intestinal

Urology and Nephrology

- Image-guided Renal Biopsy

- Nephrostomy

- Ureteral stents

- Suprapubic drainage

- Embolization in Varicocele (testicular vein)

- Prostate, RCC (renal cell carcinoma)

- AML (angiomyolipoma)

- Percutaneous dialysis fistula and graft treatments


- Pelvic and transgluteal biopsy and drain

- Uterine fibroid embolization

- Pelvic pain (chronic) - Ovarian vein embolization

- Temporary Internal iliac balloon occlusion in abnormal placental implantation


- Percutaneous lung biopsy

- Placement of chest drains and tunneled long term chest drains

- Superior Vena Cava Stenting

- Pulmonary AVM and bronchial artery embolization


- Percutaneous biopsy

- Percutaneous Tumour Ablation

- Transarterial chemoembolization (TACE)

- Selective Internal Radiation Therapy (SIRT)


- Percutaneous bone and soft tissue biopsy and drain

- Preoperative vessel occlusion (e.g. bony metastases prior to ORIF)

- Image-guided injection of long-acting local anesthetics, steroids, neurolytic agents.

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