Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

Every case of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is unique. If you believe you or your child might be suffering from ADHD, seek help from skilled mental health professionals at American Hospital Dubai.

Attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, generally recognized as ADHD, is a brain disorder that affects how an individual concentrates, pays attention, and controls the behavior for a sustained period of time. ADHD develops in children and teens, and can often continue into adulthood. Its symptoms may vary in children and adults e.g. children with ADHD are fidgety, jump up in gatherings/at school, talk excessively, have endless energy, struggle with paying attention, don’t listen in class, interrupt often, and are unable to complete homework etc.

On the other hand, adults with ADHD have trouble concentrating, get distracted easily, lose things often and cause distress and/or problems functioning at home, in office or with friends.

When a child or an adult is diagnosed with ADHD, finding the right treatment for managing symptoms becomes a challenge. While this brain disorder can’t be cured, early detection along with a good treatment and education plan can help manage symptoms effectively. Fortunately, there are many treatment options available, but what works best can only be determined by a mental health professional or Psychiatrist.

If you’re concerned that your child shows signs of ADHD, see your pediatrician or family doctor. Your doctor may refer you to a specialist, such as a developmental-behavioral pediatrician, psychologist, psychiatrist or pediatric neurologist, but it’s important to have a medical evaluation first to check for other possible causes of your child’s difficulties.

Treatment for Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder:

ADHD treatment involves medications and therapies, depending upon the symptoms, severity, age and overall health of a child or adult:

1. Medications

Your primary care physician can prescribe stimulant and non-stimulant medications. Stimulants work by boosting the levels of brain chemicals which are responsible for improving focus and concentration. When stimulants remain ineffective to provide results, non-stimulants are prescribed to help with memory and attention.

2. Therapeutic ADHD treatments

Therapy options that are beneficial to ADHD patients are:

• Psychotherapy, helps the individual to become more expressive about dealing with ADHD, handle relationships better, and learn to determine the best way to handle disruptive behaviors.
• Behavior therapy, is aimed at training an individual with ADHD to watch their actions and manage those behaviors by using various tactics.
• Social skills training, involves tactics to handle social situations, play and relate better with peers.
• Support groups, are meant to provide an opportunity to parents or families where they can interact with each other, share experiences, build relationships, and support network.
• Parenting skills training: These programs are designed for parents of children with ADHD, to educate them about the best ways to handle their child’s actions.

For more information on ADHD and its treatment, please head over to “Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder” section.

Our Approach to Treat AHDH:

Clinicians at the Psychiatry and Behavioral Health division of American Hospital specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of ADHD, autism, and related behavioral disorders. We perform a comprehensive evaluation to examine the individual’s health, developmental level and family history, along with a clinical assessment of their functioning on academic, social and emotional fronts. Based on the diagnosis, our multidisciplinary team of psychiatrists and psychologists develop customized treatment plans, which may include:

• Consistent and predictable scheduling for the child (that might include mental and physical exercises, meal plans, therapies, sleeping patterns, and other activities)
• Medications and therapies
• Counseling to regulate emotions
• Family management training to handle disruptive behavior
• Training in social skills

Through continuous monitoring and support to children and families with ADHD, we track the effectiveness of a treatment plan or alter the course of treatment if the primary treatment remains ineffective to improve symptoms.

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