Abdominoplasty has proven to be an effective solution for slack skin and paunch that can result from abundant weight loss, bariatric surgery, pregnancy, and/or aging.

About Abdominoplasty:

Abdominoplasty, commonly known as a tummy tuck – is a cosmetic procedure that involves removing excess skin from the waist, and tightening the fascia and muscles of the abdominal wall to achieve a flat stomach.

Fat stretches the skin when you gain a few pounds, but the skin is often unable to achieve its original state. Furthermore, the loss of collagen over the years can make your skin prone to wrinkles and sagging.

Abdominoplasty is an effective solution to abdominal drooping, for not only giving you the desired body but also improving the appearance of your body. In short, it helps in:
• Reduction of abdominal panniculus and redundant skin
• Gain a flat and harmonious belly
• Removal of stretch marks caused by pregnancy
• Enhancing the abdominal muscles

Why Do I Need an Abdominoplasty?

Women face fluctuations in their hormone levels and body weight throughout puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. In addition, caesarian births significantly weaken the abdominal wall leading to an unsightly overhang on the lower abdomen. They often suffer emotionally due to the surplus skin and bulges that impact their self-confidence, daily life, and even their wardrobe.

An abdominoplasty is an effective route for restoring the body to its pre-childbirth state. A combination of liposuction, breast enlargement/reduction, and body contouring at American Hospital Dubai can give you a physical makeover that can enhance your natural contours.

This cosmetic procedure offers long-lasting results that require a serious commitment on your end too. You need to prepare yourself to embrace a healthy lifestyle and stable body weight to avoid any complications.

What Is The Procedure Of A Liposuction & Tummy Tuck?

Abdominoplasty is performed under general anesthesia, followed by 1-3 days of observation at the hospital. The duration of your surgery depends on the technique(s) used on your tummy. The Plastic Surgery department offers three variations that can be customized according to your preferences:

• Standard Abdominoplasty: The standard procedure is the most common choice. It involves a hip-to-hip incision for a complete reconstruction of the ribcage, abdomen, and pubic area. All the excess fatty tissue and skin is removed to repair and tighten the abdominal muscles.
The scar is placed in the bikini line so that it can be concealed with underwear. The navel may be repositioned or reconstructed to optimize its position according to the new proportions.
• Mini Abdominoplasty: Mini abdominoplasty is chosen for the removal of localized fat and bulges overhanging from the pubic region. The surgeon makes a small incision that resembles the scar from a caesarean birth. It is short, quick, and highly effective.
• Endoscopic Abdominoplasty: The endoscopic abdominoplasty is a minimally-invasive alternative for tightening the abdomen. Small incisions are made to insert a tiny digital camera used to see and fix all points of separation in the abdominal wall. Once the procedure is completed, the surgeon will stitch close the incisions and dress the wound.

Scarring After an Abdominoplasty:

The length of your scar post-standard abdominoplasty is going to be substantial. The scar could go hip-to-hip, and it can even require a vertical extension to access stubborn areas. So despite the neatness and precision opted by a cosmetic surgeon, the final look of a scar cannot be predicted. However, the scar can easily hide under the slip or swimsuit, thus masking the surgery and reducing the patient’s discomfort.

The scar may look red, lumpy, and raised for several months after the surgery. You may be suggested other cosmetic procedures to conceal the scar and improve its appearance during your follow-up visits after the abdominoplasty.
Things to Remember:

• Abdominoplasty does not involve weight loss, and therefore ideal candidates should be of a relatively normal size frame.
• An abdominoplasty requires a more extended stay at the hospital. You will need a caregiver during your stay.
• Swelling, bruises, and lumps are very common post-surgery. These symptoms will heal with prescribed medicines.
• It is critical to sleep on your back, as any lateral positions could put unnecessary pressure on your wounds.
• You could be asked to wear a support garment for three to eight weeks after a standard abdominoplasty.
• Remember, rest is crucial for your recovery and healing after the surgery. Therefore, it is ideal to avoid strenuous activities immediately after a tummy tuck.
• Abdominoplasty is usually accompanied by simultaneous liposuction of the hips, love handles and repositioning of the navel.

Choose American Hospital Dubai for Abdominoplasty:

Our plastic surgery department is committed to delivering physical transformations that help your body image and self-confidence. Our personalized cosmetic surgery solutions have helped countless individuals get the figure they have always envisioned for themselves. The board-certified surgeons carry out conclusive analyses and consultations to create the ideal surgery and aftercare strategy for your convenience.

We ensure that you leave all your concerns about your abdominoplasty at the doorstep when you check-in for your life-changing surgery.

Visit American Hospital for your abdominoplasty to enjoy a fit and flat stomach. For an appointment with a Cosmetic Surgeon, use our online booking form.

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