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Whatever your age may be, your facial skin requires a helping hand for regulating cellular revitalization and rejuvenation. At American Hospital Dubai’s Dermatology Clinic, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of skin-boosting non-surgical treatments, including Chemical Peels, to address your skin health issues.

Chemical peels or skin peels have been popular among people struggling with skin issues from age spots to acne and enlarged pores to pigmentation. They are non-surgical cosmetic methods designed to enhance skin texture and promote clear-looking skin by using special chemical solutions. Although these peels are commonly used to address facial issues, there’s a peel for pretty much skin problems of the neck, back, arms, hands, legs, and buttocks as well.

Chemical peels harness the power of naturally occurring chemicals to stimulate cellular activity and enhance the production of collagen fibers. This results in achieving significant improvements in skin texture including elasticity and firmness, complexion, and appearance. At American Hospital’s Dermatology Clinic, we offer a variety of chemical peels tailored to meet every individual’s needs. Our skincare practitioner will assess your skin health during your initial consultation and then determine a bespoke treatment plan with the perfect peel, compatible with your skin type.

Chemical peels have been around for a long time, and for several good reasons.

Here are some of the benefits, the procedure offers: 

  • The non-surgical skincare treatment
  • Quick, easy, and no discomfort
  • Instant result: a smooth, radiant, and young-looking skin
  • Removal of dead skin cells
  • Clean up clogged pores, and reduce their size
  • Correct skin tone and complexion
  • Drastic improvement to skin texture
  • Fadeaway facial wrinkles and fine lines
  • Promote healthy cellular growth
  • Increase the production of collagen fibers to achieve firmer-looking skin
  • Reduce blemishes, sunburn, and brown spots or acne scarring

Since every face presents a different case, we have formulated a range of chemical peels to target a specific depth, from mild exfoliation through deep resurfacing to pigmentation correction. Our variety of chemical peels enable our patients to walk away from our office feeling beautifully refreshed.

Chemical Peel Treatment:

Every chemical peel treatment has its own goals, but they all focus on restoring the texture and improving the appearance of skin. Your skincare specialist at the Dermatology Center may discuss with you the following chemical peel treatment options based on your skin health, condition, and type evaluated during your initial consultation.

  • Light peels are designed to treat issues in the outer layer of skin (called the epidermis). These specific peels help minimize fine lines and blemishes and offer minimal healing time.
  • Medium peels are meant to address both epidermal and upper dermal skin problems such as wrinkles, acne scars, and pigmentation issues.
  • Deep peels, help with the epidermal and deep dermal issues like thick wrinkles, severe acne scarring, and sun-damaged skin. However, these peels require a longer healing time of up to a few months.

While chemical peels offer immediate visible results, there are cases with chronic skin issues, which may require multiple sessions to achieve desired outcomes.

If you’re interested in seeing what a chemical peel for pigmentation can do for you, schedule an appointment by phone or online right away, and let us help bring the best version of you to the surface!

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