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Many types of injuries and illnesses can damage a person’s musculoskeletal health. In order to improve mobility, discover how physical therapy can aid you in living a pain-free and healthy life.

Physiotherapy is concerned with maintaining and restoring musculoskeletal health through physical rehabilitation. People who have illnesses, disabilities, or injuries that affect their movement can get the help of physiotherapists for physical therapy and educating themselves on how exercises can help their bodies.

Physical therapy encourages development and aids in recovery, enabling people to carry on with their daily lives. Physiotherapy can be beneficial at any age, and it can aid with sports injuries, backaches, joint pain, brain injury, spinal cord injury, preparation for childbirth, and much more.

Main Objective of Physiotherapy Services:

Certain injuries and disabilities can lower the movement of our bodies. In order to regain and restore pain-free mobility, it is important to seek physiotherapy services to improve musculoskeletal health. Below is a list of reasons how physiotherapy can improve your condition:

• Lower pain levels: Physical therapy can significantly lower pain levels in individuals suffering from chronic pain by using therapeutic exercises that can help the mobility of joints and soft tissues as well as restore muscle function which in turn can eliminate pain.
• Avoiding surgery: Research has shown that physiotherapy can at times be just as effective for an individual as surgery, e.g., for lower back conditions.
• Post-surgical recovery: Doctors may recommend physical therapy after a patient has undergone surgery, such as repairment of a fractured hip, to help speed up the recovery process and regain movement. In some cases, such as cardiac patients, it is recommended even prior to surgery.
• General mobility: Mobility can become a problem at any age whether due to an accident, sports injury, or a sedentary lifestyle. Physical therapy can be advantageous in eliminating problems in movement caused by such injuries.

Conditions treated with Physiotherapy:

Physiotherapy could be needed for a number of medical conditions whether it is an illness, disability of an injury. Following is a list of some conditions that can require physiotherapy:

• Parkinson’s
• Multiple sclerosis
• Stroke
• Brain injury
• Spinal cord injury
• Breast Cancer
• Sports injuries
• Arthritis
• Concussion
• Joint pain
• Asthma
• Pediatric Conditions/Developmental delay
• Rotator Cuff Injury
• Frozen Shoulder
• Headaches
• Vertigo
• Amputation
• Scoliosis
• Lymphedema

Treatments and Procedures:

American Hospital’s team of specialists provides optimal care at our rehabilitation center in Dubai. Physiotherapy can make a person’s overall living easier and improve their health with a series of treatments that are catered to their specific requirements. After undergoing a thorough check-up, your physiotherapist may recommend the following treatments:

• Range of Motion Exercises (ROM): People who experience restricted mobility can improve a great deal through a range of motion exercises if they are recovering from fractured bones or surgery. ROM exercises tend to encourage joint movement and facilitate circulation.
• Electrotherapy: This is an energy-based physical therapy technique that uses electrical stimulation by attaching electrodes to the skin. These electrodes can then shorten muscles which can help with muscle atrophy.
• Soft Tissue Mobilization: Also known as therapeutic massage, this exercise can help with relaxing the muscles which can reduce swelling in certain parts of the body. This physiotherapy is excellent for those suffering from athletic injuries.
• Cryotherapy/Heat Therapy: This type of therapy uses hot or cold packs to regain movement in stiff muscles.

Book an Appointment:

American Hospital Dubai houses an expert team of physicians who aim to provide their patients with excellent care and treatment through the use of world-class technology and the latest techniques in the medical field. If you are suffering from an injury or illness that restricts your mobility, get in touch with one of our physiotherapy doctors to get the best physiotherapy in Dubai by booking an appointment on the secure online form given on our website. We invite you to experience the optimal healthcare services here at American Hospital if you have been on the lookout for a physiotherapy center near me, physiotherapy clinic, rehabilitation center in UAE, physiotherapy in UAE, or physiotherapy near me.


Avail our Special Physiotherapy Packages:

Package of 4 therapy session

One-to-one therapy with child. Educating and training for caregiver.



Package of 8 therapy session

One-to-one therapy with child. Educating and training for caregiver.


Package of 12 therapy session

One-to-one therapy with child. Educating and training for caregiver.


Package of 16 therapy session

One-to-one therapy with child. Educating and training for caregiver.

Physiotherapy often does not hurt but because you are using the parts of your body that are injured or have pain, exercises and movement can be challenging. However, once your body gets used to it with time, the pain may reduce.

: In contrast to other fields of medicine which often use drugs and surgery to improve the conditions of a patient, physiotherapy treatment employs modalities (such as electrical stimulation, magnetic therapy, and shockwave etc.) and physical methods like movement, exercise, and massage to improve the mobility of the patient, reduce swelling and lessen pain.

The elimination of pain depends on your condition and the severity of it. Physiotherapy may be able to eliminate pain for conditions such as less severe sports injuries.

Physiotherapy can help in providing relief to patients regardless of the injuries or illnesses they suffer from. Research suggests that in certain conditions, such as lower back conditions, physical therapy is as helpful as surgery.

Physiotherapists help individuals who have suffered from injuries or any illnesses through different sets of exercises and movement, manual therapy as well as education. They employ techniques and recommend exercises that can improve an individual’s condition so that they can live a healthy and stress-free life.

American Hospital is one of the leading healthcare facilities with a one of a kind physiotherapy center in Dubai. Our Advanced Rehabilitation service provides patients with specialist care to improve their quality of life and optimize functional recovery.

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