Hip Joint Treatment and Surgery in Dubai

If your hip joint has been damaged by arthritis, a fracture, or other conditions, and the pain interferes with everyday activities, visit hip joint sub-speciality of Orthopaedics at American Hospital Dubai. The focus of our service is to relieve your pain, improve function and optimise mobility of your hip joint.

Continuous advancements in Total Joint Replacement surgical techniques and technology have significantly enhanced the effectiveness of hip joint surgeries. Today, with minimally invasive surgical interventions, doctors are able to make more accurate diagnosis and offer better treatment solutions for speedy recovery with minimal or no risks of complications such as infections etc.

There are several factors that can trigger hip joint pain to a point where performing trivial movements like sitting on a chair or going up and down stairs and even walking becomes challenging. This can happen due to the presence of arthritis (mainly osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and traumatic arthritis) causing damage to the articular cartilage of the hip joint.

As a result of these triggers, you may experience:

• Intense pain in hip or groin
• Hip pain that interrupts routine movements, such as walking or bending
• Stiffness in a hip that causes inability to move or lift the leg
• Inability to put weight on your leg with injured hip
• Limping or muscle weakness
• No pain relief from anti-inflammatory drugs or exercises

Depending upon the symptoms, and other factors such as age, and overall health of the patient, your doctor may advise on the following surgical procedure to address the root cause of the hip pain:

• Total Hip Replacement surgery, which involves replacing the damaged articular surfaces of the joint with prosthetic components. This is done using regular available or custom-made prosthesis to fit the specific anatomy of every patient. It can be cementless or cemented depending on the quality of the hip bones.

It is worthwhile to mention that Total Hip Replacement is also done as part of:

• Reconstructive Hip surgery done for broken hips or non-union of treated fractures, it helps to treat painful deformities and to resume the ability to walk and perform daily living activities.

Recovery after Total hip replacement surgery is quick, patients will be able to ambulate the same day of surgery. They often are free of arthritic pain, and the only pain that they may have is from postoperative wound healing, swelling and inflammation. As for rehabilitation, it is a different process for every patient, which varies largely by their health conditions. In most cases, the recovery speeds up when an exercise regimen is followed, as recommended by your doctor.

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Hip Joint Surgery - a subspecialty of Orthopedics at American Hospital Dubai - remains committed to providing patients safe and effective surgical solutions for the treatment of various types of hip issues. Our dedicated staff works relentlessly and compassionately for the resolution of your health problems in the most comfortable way that allows you to experience the highest standards of care. Additionally, our surgeons are experts at what they do, regularly perform complex and delicate surgeries with great precision .Furthermore, we are one of few centers in the gulf region where custom–made Total Hip Replacement is available to provide patients with the best outcomes.

Once the diagnosis indicates a hip replacement surgery for your condition, your doctor will discuss with you all the possible surgical options along with their pros and cons. This comprehensive information will give you the chance to make the right decision.

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