Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation is a program carried out before or after cardiac surgery. Offering the latest in rehab technology and post-surgical care, this outpatient physiotherapy service helps the heart patient recover from cardiac diseases, restore them back to their maximum potential and prevent unnecessary hospitalizations.

Cardiac rehabilitation is a specialized program, offered as an outpatient physiotherapy service, to help the patient recover from a cardiac disorder or any cardiac surgery. This facility comprises counselling and exercises that are meant to optimize overall health and prevent future heart diseases. The rehabilitation facility follows a multidisciplinary approach and engages nutritionists, physiotherapists, cardiologists, and mental health professionals to develop a personalized treatment plan for each cardiac patient. Our cardiac rehab services include:

• Cardiac Monitoring
• Cardiac Rehabilitation
• Dedicated focus on lifestyle modification
• Health diet and exercise
• Patient & Family Education

Candidates for Cardiac Rehabilitation Facility:

A patient needs rehabilitation services if they are dealing with the following disorders:
• Heart attack (myocardial infarction)
• Heart failure
• Angioplasty and stents
• Heart valve repair or replacement
• Coronary artery bypass surgery
• Chest pain (angina)

Pre-cardiac Surgery Rehabilitation:

Before heart surgery, this program offers instructions and guidelines that help patients prepare for the surgery. These may include:

• Maintaining a healthy lifestyle before the surgery.
• Quitting smoking and/or drinking alcohol
• Exercise as prescribed by the doctor
• Avoiding mental stress and trauma
• Undergoing specific medical tests for monitoring of the patient’s health, such as: blood tests, chest x-rays, stress tests, electrocardiogram (ECG), and lung capacity tests

Post-cardiac Surgery Rehabilitation:

Recovering from cardiac surgery or cardiac disorders could be challenging. To enable cardiac patients overcome their difficulties, our healthcare specialists provide post-cardiac rehabilitation that helps restore the optimum state of their health. During post-cardiac rehabilitation, the doctors provide counseling in the most compassionate way. Post-cardiac rehab services range from advising on exercises for speedy & healthy recovery to managing stress and anxiety associated with illnesses, and to adopting healthy lifestyle that can prevent further complications.

Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation:

Cardiac rehabilitation makes a positive impact on the patient’s overall health, as they become more aware and conscious of the habits that can otherwise deteriorate their quality of life, such as smoking, drinking, and eating certain foods etc. Some of the positive outcomes are listed as:
• Increased strength in the heart and body muscles after a heart surgery
• Reduced symptoms of a heart disorder
• Mentally prepared to manage stress and anxiety associated with surgery
• A healthy lifestyle
• Speedy recovery
• Takes less amount of time to return to daily activities
• Increased endurance to perform daily tasks
• An elevated lung capacity to relieve the patient from shortness of breath and tiredness

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