Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s health physiotherapy is a non-surgical alternative for several postpartum disorders. It helps women bounce back to an active and flexible body with exercise routines to improve conditions, including pelvic floor disorders and low back pain.

The fluctuating hormones from adolescence to pregnancy and then menopause entails the need for proper guidance and physical exercise to deal with chronic pain. In addition, during pregnancy, constant pressure on the pelvic floor can lead to pelvic floor disorders that cause hesitance for consultation.

But putting the embarrassment aside can help you avail multiple benefits from women’s health physiotherapy. Some of which include:

• Help you transition from a sedentary lifestyle to work and exercise routines
• Strengthen the pelvic area
• Guided rehabilitation for low back pain
• Biofeedback for effective results

When Do You Need Women’s Health Physiotherapy Services?

The team of specialized women’s health physiotherapists at American Hospital offers customized care to help you meet your health goals. Our highly experienced team provides three different treatments to facilitate women.
• Pregnancy Care: Countless women suffer from low back pain during pregnancy that continues for many years postpartum. Common aches and pains during pregnancy often include symphysis dysfunction (discomfort in the pelvic region), hip pain, and chronic pain in the pelvic girdle. While these symptoms seem similar, they require individual treatments readily available in pregnancy care from American Hospital’s women health physiotherapists. This treatment is non-invasive and safe for both mother and baby.Timely interventions and support during pregnancy can help moms heal at a quicker pace post-delivery. It can help them avoid chronic pains and weakness in later years.The baby can easily put a lot of pressure on the bladder, which is often uncomfortable. Our women’s health physiotherapists are sensitive to your needs. They understand your hesitance in addressing stress incontinence during pregnancy. Physiotherapy can help you regain better control of pelvic organs.
• Postnatal Care: Having a baby changes your body in more ways than one. For example, it weakens your abdominal muscles, puts pressure on your pelvic floor, leading to Pelvic floor disorders and low back pain.
The loss of core strength can be debilitating for the new mom. The profound physical impact of carrying a pregnancy to term and delivering the baby needs a comprehensive exercise and movement strategy to regain strength and improve mobility. Postnatal women’s health physiotherapy can help you overcome bladder and bowel weakness too.
• Women’s Health: Pregnancy is not the only cause of low back pain or bladder problems. Unrelated gynaecological concerns and hormonal changes can also trigger incontinence during exercise or while coughing and sneezing. Support from a dedicated women’s health physiotherapist can help you overcome these challenges.

Our women’s health physiotherapy program can help you:

• Strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles
• Incontinence (urinary or faecal)
• Treatments for vaginal prolapse (A condition when the vagina slips out of position due to multiple vaginal births, menopause, or being overweight)
• Pain during intercourse
• Constipation
• Diastasis recti (The separation of the abdominal muscles that happens during and after pregnancy)
• Pelvic pain, Coccydinia, Perineal pain and Anorectal pain
• Pain or dysfunctions during pregnancy

What to Expect in Consultation for Women’s Health Physiotherapy:

Generally, women’s health physiotherapy consultations involve a focused discussion on the current symptoms, case history, and goals for the treatment. The questions mainly revolve around the birth of a child, musculoskeletal challenges during pregnancy, postnatal incontinence, prolapse, etc. An objective internal exam follows the discussion.

This internal exam requires the use of the physiotherapist’s fingers or a peritron to depict the strength of your pelvic floor. The test is done in the same position as a pap smear, where you lay on your back with bent knees.
Remember, this assessment is critical to understand the condition of your muscle groups in the pelvic area for effective rehabilitation. The test may seem intrusive, but you can rest assured as our physiotherapists prioritize your comfort above everything else!

Things to Remember:

• Seeking a women’s health physiotherapy treatment is a sensitive subject which is why only a team of highly experienced consultants cater to such cases.
• These treatments may not be necessary, but they play an essential role in improving your quality of life by alleviating chronic low back pains and pelvic disorders.
• Guidance and support for musculoskeletal difficulties postpartum can take a few weeks to reach results.
• You may be advised to use compression garments to support your lower back during and after the physiotherapy sessions.

Schedule an Appointment:

Our board-certified physiotherapy specialists are dedicated to alleviating the women’s health conditions often endured in silence and embarrassment. We make sure that you feel comfortable during each step of the consultation.

Each assessment is conducted in a secluded, pristine room strictly used for clinical purposes instead of a traditional physiotherapy suite. The private changing facility and comfortable assessment couches, and modern equipment make the experience as convenient as possible.

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