Exercise Prescription Programs

Limitations in body movement can occur due to a number of reasons, but regular exercise can bring about significant improvement. Discover how our physiotherapy specialists are helping patients with brain injuries, osteoarthritis and other conditions with their recovery.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle can reduce the risk of multiple detrimental diseases. However, if you experience serious injuries, a good diet is not the only thing that will help you to achieve full recovery. Having a good fitness regimen is key to improving the strength of our bones and muscles but it is important to remember that exercise should be done according to your specific needs, and in consultation with a medical specialist.

The outpatient physiotherapy services at American Hospital Dubai offers personalized “Exercise Prescription Programs”, designed by medical professionals, to cater to the patient’s unique needs. Just as medicine is needed to heal our bodies through infections and diseases, doctors who are prescribing exercise believe that good physical health can help several diseases such as asthma, depression, brain injuries, strokes, obesity and many others. Here at American Hospital Dubai, the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center houses excellent doctors who not only focus on the present condition of the patient but also keep long-term improvements in mind.

Who Needs Exercise Prescription Programs:

There are a number of reasons why your doctor can prescribe you with exercise in your treatment plan. Often exercise is prescribed to those who have injuries caused by direct impact in accidents leading to limitations in movement. However, there are several other causes for exercise prescription. Some of them are:

• Postoperative recovery and rehabilitation due to musculoskeletal injuries, fractures or spinal cord injuries
• Neurological conditions such as cerebral palsy
• Injury to the brain such as stroke or trauma
• Spinal cord injuries
• Severe sports injuries needing rehabilitation
• Amputation recovery
• Chronic shoulder conditions or frozen shoulder
• Obesity
• Osteoarthritis
• Coronary heart disease

Exercise Prescription Treatment:

In order to achieve the best and long-lasting results, our physiotherapists at the Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation department offer separate treatments plans according to the requirements of each patient. When prescribing exercise, our doctors make sure that physical exertion starts with what you can endure and is then gradually increased in intensity depending on the recovery.

Types of Exercise Prescription Programs:

Some of the common exercises prescribed to patients include aerobics for endurance training, resistance for strength training, balance training and flexibility. Following is a list of exercises that doctors may prescribe:

• Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
• Proprioception Exercises
• Core Balance Training
• Gait Training/Balance Exercises
• Post-Surgery Muscle Strengthening and Conditioning

A schedule for exercise is made by the physiotherapist and the fitness regimen is supposed to be followed by the patient strictly in order to achieve good results. During the exercise, the doctors monitor the heart rate and oxygen levels so patients do not exhaust themselves. In order to accelerate the rehabilitative process, doctors may also use necessary interventions such as:

• Pain Control by Nerve Blocks
• Functional Electrical Stimulations
• Mobility support
• Joint and Tendon Injections
• Botox Injections for spasticity management
• Compression Devices

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If you have experienced an injury or face a neurological condition that limits your movement, get in touch with our orthopaedic specialists and physiotherapists at Physiotherapy and Rehabilitative Center. We have a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech therapists and Board-certified physicians specializing in neurological and spinal cord injuries. Choosing our team of doctors for advanced rehabilitative services will guarantee you the highest standard of healthcare and facilities that American Hospital Dubai has to offer.