Aviation Ophthalmology

Excellent vision health is the most important factor when it comes to operating an aircraft. Discover how our aviation eye specialists are helping patients with their ophthalmology needs.

For a pilot to operate an aircraft in an efficient manner, it is important to ensure their visual efficiency and whether they can bear the stress of flying. The genetic makeup of a human is not always suited for the array of factors that one might encounter when flying at high altitudes.

The sensory functions of an individual, especially sight, need to be in excellent form in order for an individual to withstand the drastic conditions that flying an aircraft present. Not only that, but a patient without vision impairment may also experience it later on due to these harsh conditions which is why it is important to have regular checkups with your ophthalmologists so that the necessary treatments are done as soon as possible. American Hospital prides itself in having some of the best ophthalmologists in Dubai who specialize in Aviation Ophthalmology, helping those who wish to join the aviation services and pilots who may be experiencing eyesight problems due to flying.

How Aviation EffectsVision Health:

Flying an aircraft requires pilots to experience high altitudes and centrifugal force which can lead to severe oxygen deficiency. There are multiple conditions that a pilot must consider when operating an aircraft including vibrations, accelerative forces being high, glare and visual illusions. This may severely affect the pilot’s ocular motility, pupillary reactions, and visual functions.

Though precautionary measures are a given when it comes to the safety protocols of flying an aircraft, but when a body consistently has to endure an extreme environment, it is likely for an individual to develop poor vision. In order to combat or control vision impairment, it is important for pilots to seek the guidance of expert Ophthalmologists experienced in Aviation Ophthalmology who can help you form the right course of action according to your needs.

Diagnosis and Treatments We Offer:

At American Hospital Dubai, our doctors are expertly trained in aviation ophthalmology and can effectively treat eye conditions that might be getting in the way of flying for pilots. Most pilots undergo extensive eye exams in order to achieve their certification, however, withstanding the extreme conditions of flying an aircraft may eventually result in poor vision health. It is also important for aspiring pilots to get themselves checked for color blindness since at times patients are not aware of their impaired colored vision, which needs to be correct in order to be a certified pilot.

Our expert ophthalmologists perform world class eye exams and treatments for multiple eye ailments. Some of the tests they perform to ensure perfect vision health in aspiring pilots are:

• Testing of visual acuity and refraction
• Color vision test
• Measurement of contrast sensitivity
• Formal testing of binocular field of vision
• Measurement of intraocular pressure
• Testing of the anterior segment and retinal examination
• Detailed exam of intraocular structures
• Examination of the extraocular muscle balance and heterophoria


Book an Appointment:

If you are an aspiring pilot or are a pilot experiencing poor vision health, get in touch with some of the best Ophthalmologists at American Hospital who will provide you with excellent eyecare services in Dubai. You can book an appointment with our eye doctors through the booking form provided on our website. At American Hospital, our eye care specialists are experienced physicians who are experts in diagnosing and treating an array of eye ailments through the use of advanced technology. We can guarantee that by choosing American Hospital, you will be given the best eye care services in Dubai that we have to offer.

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