Covid-19 Treatment

Covid 19 Treatment in Dubai

If you are experiencing symptoms of the coronavirus or have come into contact with an infected person, the first thing to do is to immediately get a PCR test done from your nearest clinic or do a rapid PCR test at home by yourself. In the case that your result comes back positive, medical experts recommend that a person should self-isolate themselves to prevent spreading the disease to other people.

Symptoms of the coronavirus are often mild, and people who are generally healthy can recover from the virus in about two weeks. However, catching the virus may prove fatal for those with existing health conditions such as heart disease, cancer, or diabetes. Although vaccines are now readily available in most places, treatments for Covid-19 had not come forward until recently.

What treatment options are available for Covid-19?

Many medical treatments have been approved by a number of countries after going through a long period of trials that have been found to be treat Covid-19 effectively. Sotrovimab, a medication created by GlaxoSmithKline, has recently been approved by the UAE for the use of high-risk patients. Doctors state that if Sotrovimab is used early on as a treatment for Covid-19, it is able to reduce fatalities in patients by 85%.

Sotrovimab has been allowed to be used by the UAE government for patients experiencing mild Covid-19 symptoms who are above the age of 12 and are at potential risk of hospitalization or death. The Ministry of Health and Prevention and the Dubai Health Authority has announced that the results of the Sotrovimab drug have been promising with 97% of the trial patients recovering fully within two weeks. They have also stated that the medication prevented death in Covid-19 patients by 100% and prevented ICU admission by 99%.

For patients with no existing health conditions who may have Covid but are not viable to receive treatment, doctors advise that they stay at home and rest. At-home treatments for Covid-19 are usually done to relive any symptoms that you are experiencing which is you should increase your fluid intake and take pain relievers as per your doctors’ orders.

It is important to also look for any signs of emergency if your symptoms begin to worsen. Doctors may tell patients to use a home pulse oximeter to measure how much oxygen is in your blood. If your reading is higher than 92%, then you need to be hospitalized. Medical attention becomes necessary if you have trouble breathing, chest pain, bluish lips and are unable to stay awake.

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Our doctors at American Hospital strive to provide you with the best treatments for your medical needs. If you are experiencing severe symptoms of the coronavirus and are looking for Covid treatment in Dubai, you can come in for a consultation with our medical specialists who will assess your condition and guide you through the right course of action. If you are infected with the virus, remember to wear a mask if you are near other people and practice social distancing so that the virus does not spread.

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