American Hospital Dubai strives to enhance the quality of life of its patients through the treatment and improvement of gastroenterological diseases. Our expert physicians offer medical and surgical options for all types of gastroenterological conditions through innovative technology and excellent services.

About Gastroenterology:

Gastroenterology is a field of medicine that focuses on the function as well as the diseases of the digestive tracts and, gallbladder, pancreas, liver, and bile ducts.

Gastroenterologists have a full understanding of all the organs that fall under this category as well as the motility through the gastrointestinal tract that is needed for an individual to have a good and healthy digestive system required for nutrient absorption, waste removal, and the metabolic process.

There are multiple conditions that could require you to visit a gastroenterologist that can normally include trouble swallowing, heartburn, regurgitation, and diarrhea. Such conditions could be of minor concern but if left untreated, can lead to serious cases. A gastroenterologist is experienced in diagnosing and providing the correct treatment plan suited to your condition which is why you should immediately consult with a medical expert if you are facing any gastroenterology-related problems.

Common Gastroenterology Disorders:

Minor gastroenterology disorders can at times occur if you have eaten that has not suited your stomach but often symptoms can be pointing towards much worse conditions. Gastrointestinal disorders can be a cause for concern for patients. Some of the common gastrointestinal disorders include:

• Irritable Bowel Syndrome: Condition that causes abdominal pain and bloating caused by diarrhea or constipation
• Chronic Diarrhea: Persistent diarrhea that can last for four or more weeks. Patients often pass loose or watery stools.
• Constipation: Condition that hinders in bowel movements
• Lactose Intolerance: This disorder occurs when a person is unable to digest lactose that is found in dairy products and milk.
• Peptic Ulcer Disease: Sores that develop in the gastrointestinal tract lining. This condition can cause vomiting, indigestion, weight loss, changes in appetite as well as traces of blood in stool
• Crohn’s Disease: This condition can cause inflammation of a part of the gastrointestinal tract. Usually, the lower small intestine or the large intestine
• Ulcerative Colitis: This is an inflammatory bowel disease that affects the lining of the colon that can become inflamed and develop open sores. This can be a chronic condition that can cause abdominal pain, blood in stool, fever and diarrhea
• Liver Disease: Complications related to the liver that can cause jaundice, vomiting, nausea, loss of appetite, dark urine, and pale stools
• Pancreatic Disease: Acute and Chronic pancreatitis which is inflammation in the body of the pancreas and can lead to a lack of pancreatic enzymes called pancreatic exocrine insufficiency.
• Gall Bladder disease: Gallstones can slip and block the bile duct causing pain and jaundice. Gall Bladder polyps which need surveillance
• Diverticulitis: This condition causes the inflammation or infection of one or more diverticula
• Celiac Disease: An autoimmune disease that can cause the body to react against gluten. Doctors have not been able to reach the exact reason for celiac disease, but environmental factors are believed to be a cause of it.
• Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD): Consistent acid reflux that reaches the esophagus from the stomach. This condition can slowly damage the esophagus and can cause a person to have severe heartburn, difficulty in swallowing, chest pain, and other symptoms.

The symptoms of any gastroenterology disorder can differ from patient to patient. Some of the common symptoms of digestive disorders to look out for are:

• Acid reflux
• Fatigue
• Loss of appetite
• Trouble swallowing
• Diarrhea
• Constipation
• Vomiting
• Nausea
• Weight loss
• Bloating
• Abdominal pain and cramps

Although certain minor conditions can be treated at home if you do see traces of blood in your vomit or stool, you should immediately consult a medical expert regarding your condition.

Treatment for Gastroenterology Disorders:

In order to deduce what type of gastroenterology disease a patient has, doctors will likely perform blood tests as well as imaging tests such as ultrasounds or CT scans.

For some gastroenterology disorders, your doctor may advise you to change your diet as certain foods can be factors that are aggravating your condition. For those with lactose intolerance, doctors will advise cutting out dairy products that contain lactose which the patients’ stomach cannot handle. Lifestyle changes are also recommended for some ailments, such as liver disease that requires patients to avoid or reduce their intake of alcohol which can be a common factor to ailments related to the liver.

Every condition is treated in a way that is suitable for the patient and will provide the best results. Some other disorders can also be treated with over-the-counter medication such as diarrhea or constipation but if your condition is far worse and cannot be healed through medicine alone, your gastroenterologist may recommend surgery that can include bowel resection or needle drainage.

Gastroenterology Services Offered at American Hospital Dubai:

Our compassionate team of specialists provides outstanding care for patients suffering from all types of digestive diseases. Practicing the most advanced procedures and techniques, our dedicated gastroenterologists collaborate to provide the following clinical gastrointestinal (GI) services:

• Diagnosis and management of digestive diseases
• Center for inflammatory bowel diseases, with special expertise in Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis treatment, multimodal therapy, and treatment with biologicals/TNF alpha antibodies
• Diagnosis and management of all liver diseases, including Hepatitis B and C
• Nutritional medicine center for food allergies, intolerances, obesity, and enteral nutrition in chronic diseases
• Upper GI endoscopy/stomach and duodenum (diagnostic & therapeutic)
• Oesophageal pH and manometry
• Colonoscopy (diagnostic & therapeutic)
• Enteroscopy (endoscopy of the small intestines)
• PEG tubes for continuous enteral feeding, nasogastric tubes, and duodenal tubes
• Capsule endoscopy of the small bowel
• UBT (Urea Breathing Test) for Helicobacter pylori bacteria
• Hydrogen Breath test for Lactose Intolerance and SIBO
• Endoscopic Ultrasound - UGI, HPB and Rectal EUS and interventions including EUS FNA/FNB and Cystgastrostomy
• ERCP (Biliary and pancreatic)
• Single balloon enteroscopy
• Enteral Stents (Oesophageal, Duodenal, and Colonic)

At American Hospital Dubai, we have specialists who can find the cause of your symptoms and provide treatment options based on your specific condition and personal requirements.

Why Choose American Hospital for Gastroenterology Services:

If you may be suffering from any gastroenterological disease, it is imperative that you go in for a detailed check-up immediately. Though certain digestive disorders and gastrointestinal ailments can be treated at home, but if a proper diagnosis from an expert physician is not conducted then your condition may worsen over time. There can be multiple reasons behind gastroenterological disorders which can be due to genetics or even poor lifestyle choices which is why it is important to get to the root cause of it. At American Hospital, we have some of the best gastroenterologists Dubai has to offer and our leading medical practitioners strive to give their patients the best treatments possible.

If you would like to book an appointment with a Gastroenterologist, you can do so by using the form provided on our website. Our doctors specialize in treating a wide spectrum of diseases related to gastroenterology and we can guarantee that if you decide to choose an American hospital, you will be provided with the best healthcare services that are suited to your requirements by our expert gastroenterologists in Dubai.

At American Hospital Dubai, we offer diagnosis and management of digestive diseases:

  1. Diagnosis and management of digestive diseases
  2. Center for inflammatory bowel diseases, with special expertise in Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis treatment, multimodal therapy, and treatment with biologicals/TNF alpha antibodies
  3. Diagnosis and management of all liver diseases, including hepatitis B and C
  4. Nutritional medicine center for food allergies, intolerances, obesity, and enteral nutrition in chronic diseases
  5. Upper GI endoscopy/stomach and duodenum (diagnostic & therapeutic)
  6. Colonoscopy (diagnostic & therapeutic)
  7. Enteroscopy (endoscopy of the small intestines)
  8. PEG tubes for continuous enteral feeding, nasogastric tubes, and duodenal tubes
  9. Capsule endoscopy of the small bowel
  10. Endoscopic ultrasound
  11. UBT (Urea Breathing Test) for Helicobacter pylori bacteria
  12. EUS FNA
  13. Cancer staging
  14. Interventions
  15. ERCP
  16. Single balloon enteroscopy
  17. Stents

Our gastro doctors have the experience, qualification and ability to identify and treat all gastro related problems.

Doctors Panel of Gastroenterology

Ahmad Al Jammal

GP Associate Internist - Gastroenterologist

Arabic, English

Ali Al Fazari

Chief of Internal Medicine

Arabic, English

Carla Abou Fadel

Specialist Gastroenterology

Arabic, English, French

Dalia Belsha

Consultant Pediatric Gastroenterologist

Arabic, English

Majidah Bukhari

Consultant Gastroenterology

Arabic, English

Muhammad Toqeer

Director of Gastroenterology Center of Excellence, Aviation Medical Specialist

English, Punjabi, Urdu

Sinan Al-Rubaye

Consultant Gastroenterology and Hepatology

Arabic, English

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