Heart And Vascular Center

The Heart and Vascular Center at the American Hospital Dubai is distinguished as regional leader of excellence in cardiology. The Center provides American standards of treatment and care to heart patients in the United Arab Emirates, as well as those attending from neighboring areas.

Home to top cardiologists in Dubai, the Center integrates the extensive skills and experience of its multidisciplinary team to treat conditions of the heart, lungs and chest, with specialists focusing on cardiology, interventional cath lab procedures, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery.

Staff at the Heart and Vascular Center employ the latest innovations and most advanced techniques in cardiology to diagnose, monitor and treat all types of heart conditions. These include invasive and non-invasive cardiology procedures, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery, supported by advanced rehabilitation services.

The Center is one of a small, select group of medical centers worldwide capable of undertaking advanced interventional and surgical procedures. Complex procedures, such as minimally invasive heart surgeries and beating heart bypass surgeries, state-of-the-art heart valve repairs and advanced aortic arch procedures, are all performed with the utmost precision and patient care. Let the best heart doctor in Dubai provide take care of you.

Specialized in various chest, lung, heart and vascular conditions and diseases, AHD’s renowned Heart and Vascular Center provides treatment and care to heart patients in the UAE according to the highest American standards. With a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled heart specialists, cardiologists and other medical professionals, the Center diagnoses, monitors and treats all types of heart conditions through both invasive and non-invasive cardiological procedures, cardiothoracic surgery and vascular surgery. Their work incorporates the latest innovations and pioneering techniques in cardiology and is supported by advanced rehabilitation services.

Latest technological developments and healthy lifestyle habits

Recent decades have witnessed major technological advancements in the medical and healthcare sectors, which are playing a crucial role in assisting procedures and enhancing patient outcomes. And what’s more important than the health of our heart? New and improved digital health technologies are being continually introduced in the field of cardiology to counterstroke, heart attack, heart failure and other cardiovascular risks, in addition to advancements in mitral and aortic valve repairs and replacements. Let’s have a look at some of the game-changing technologies that have arisen in the cardiological landscape in recent years and introduced to the Gulf region by American Hospital Dubai’s Heart and Vascular Center.

Doctors Panel of Heart And Vascular Center

Ali Kazem

Specialist Cardiologist

English, Farsi

Aws Sarmed Alfahad

Consultant Interventional Radiologist

Arabic, English

Eyad Hassan

Consultant Cardio-Vascular Surgeon

Arabic, English, German

Firas Raouf Alani

Consultant Interventional & Structural Heart, AME Specialist

Arabic, English

Heidar Arjomand

Consultant Interventional / Structural Cardiologist

English, Farsi

Heyman Luckraz

Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgery

Creole, English, French, Hindi, Urdu

Mohamed Gantri

Cardiothoracic Specialist

Arabic, English, Italian

Mohamed Salem

Consultant Interventional Cardiology & Endovascular Medicine

Arabic, English

Mohamed Sulaiman

Consultant Pediatric and Fetal cardiologist

Arabic, English, Spanish

Mustapha Shaaraoui

Consultant Cardiology, Cardiac Electrophysiology

Arabic, English, French

Salwa Elkholy

Specialist Cardiology, Aviation Medical Specialist

Arabic, English

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