Adult Sleep Medicine

Sleep disorders can affect the quality of your sleep and hinder your everyday life activities. Our sleep medicine experts provide diagnostic, monitoring and treatment services to address sleep disorders in adults.

Sleep is vital for an individual’s overall health and wellbeing. Good sleep does not come easily for people suffering from sleep disturbances or disorders. Not getting the right amount of sleep can impair your cognitive functioning and lead to other medical conditions such as depression, heart diseases, hypertension, obesity, and diabetes. Adult sleep medicine is a specialized medical intervention that allows people with sleep disorders to get restful sleep. Undetected sleep disorders can cause daytime sleepiness, restlessness, and fatigue.

American Hospital Dubai has a team of sleep medicine specialists, who can provide personalized care for the treatment of sleep disorders.

Types of Adult Sleep Disorders:

Sleep disorders can appear as:

• Insomnia: This common type of sleep disorder can make it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep during night. It can be either acute or chronic.
• Parasomnia: This disorder results from the involvement ofundesirable events or experiences that can lead to sleep disturbances. It can occur before, during or while waking up from sleep.
• Sleep Apnea: This is a serious disorder that involves breathing interruptions during sleep. People suffering from this problem choke while sleeping, a pattern that they may repeat one to several times during the night.
• Restless Legs Syndrome: This nervous system disorder is characterized by unusual sensations and feelings of tingling in legs.
• Narcolepsy: This chronic sleep disorder can cause daytime sleepiness and a sudden urge to sleep. People with this problem find it difficult to stay up for longer periods.
• Shift work sleep disorder
• REM behavioral disorder
• Advanced sleep phase
• Delayed sleep phase

Diagnosis and Treatment:

Your doctor will first conduct a physical test to find out more about your medical history and symptoms. The adult sleep medicine specialist may advise you to get a Polysomnography, Electroencephalogram or Multiple sleep latency tests. These are tests used to record your sleep stages, and the quality of your sleep
Changes in behavioral patterns can improve sleep patterns without medication. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also used to improve sleep patterns and cure insomnia and other sleep-related disorders. Your adult sleep medicine specialist may advise you to cut off caffeine, quit smoking, to read a good book before sleeping , meditate, and advise you, about other sleeping tips that will improve your sleep duration, and quality .
American Hospital Dubai offers rapid diagnosis and treatment for different types of sleep-related disorders. Our adult sleep medicine specialists also coordinate follow-up care, so adults with sleeping difficulties can find deep, healing rest to change their lives in the longer run.

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