Neurosurgery / Brain And Spinal Surgery

Our team of surgeons at the American Hospital Dubai includes some of the world’s most prominent neurosurgeons, spinal surgeons and brain surgeons. Considered by many as leaders in their respective fields, they are skilled in the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that directly affect the nervous system. These might include those acting on the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

Spinal discomfort can be caused by many factors, including aging, improper body mechanics and spinal injuries. In turn, these can initiate associated symptoms, such as back pain or leg pain and weakness.

Chronic back discomfort can often be cured with specific strategic treatments and physical therapy that target the inflamed area. However, in some extreme cases, spinal damage can only be repaired through surgery. The team of specialist spinal surgeons at American Hospital Dubai will only consider such a procedure when the exact source of pain and discomfort can be identified.

Spinal procedures once required open surgery, with long incisions that allowed the surgeon to access the spinal cord and analyze the backbone structure. Today, thanks to advanced technologies, developed, spinal operations have become less invasive and can now be done more quickly and require minimal incisions.

Cervical spinal fusion – also referred to as arthrodesis – is a procedure that merges specific bones in the neck. The surgery can be performed following several techniques:

  • Using bone grafts from the patient’s body or from a bone bank
  • Inserting metal implants that hold vertebrae together until the bone grows
  • Screwing metal plates into the bone in order to join adjacent vertebrae
  • Removing vertebrae and fusing the spine
  • Removing a spinal disc and linking the adjacent vertebrae

Microdiscectomy, on the other hand, calls for the use of a special microscope to observe the disk and nerves. This causes less damage to the surrounding tissue as the surgeon is able to make smaller incisions. A micro-lumbar discectomy is performed to remove portions of a herniated disc that are irritating or inflaming the nerve root. It requires the use of a microscope to improve both vision and lighting and allow the surgeon a clear view as he proceeds to remove the tissue and expose the bone. The result is more accurate with a higher chance of success.

Dorsal spine surgery and spinal fixation – also known as vertebral fixation – involves a surgical procedure in which the specialist anchors several vertebrae together using a vertebral fixation device. The purpose of the surgery is to decrease vertebral mobility in order to prevent damage and deterioration of the spinal cord and roots.

Doctors Panel of Neurosurgery / Brain And Spinal Surgery

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