Pediatric ICU - Surgical Medical

The surgical medical services within our pediatric and neonatal ICU are dedicated to children with critical medical conditions and surgical procedures. As specialists, we don’t need to say that when a medical emergency relates to children or teenage kids, our first step will be to make sure they are safe and then well-taken care for their fast recovery.

About Surgical Medical Facility:

American Hospital’s Neonatal and Pediatric Intensive Care Unit provides comprehensive care to infants and children who require specialist surgery. These disorders can be identified after birth or anytime during childhood. Our multidisciplinary team of highly skilled specialists works in close coordination with the child’s family to ensure the best possible outcomes for kids requiring medical or surgical intervention during the tender years.

The surgical medical facility in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) focuses on children who have recently undergone surgery or are preparing to go for one. When kids get surgeries, the care and attention they need are a lot different than adults. There are many challenges that we, as healthcare professionals, come across. So when the children are taken to the PICU for specialized care, the Surgical Medical team is in charge of closely monitoring how the condition of the child changes. They monitor vital signs such as heartbeat, breathing, and oxygen levels via equipment customized for children. 

Conditions Treated at Pediatric Intensive Care Unit:

Newborns and children with complex medical and surgical conditions need to be treated in the PICU at American Hospital. Some common health conditions treated in our dedicated facility for kids are:

  • Anemia: A condition where the blood lacks enough healthy red cells, leading to fatigue and weakness.
  • Breathing Problems: Difficulty in breathing, often caused by various respiratory issues, requires critical care intervention.
  • Bladder and Genital Defects: Structural abnormalities in the urinary or reproductive organs necessitate specialized care in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU).
  • Brain Malformations: Irregularities in the brain's structure that necessitate intensive medical attention for affected children.
  • Defects of Lungs and Airways Abnormalities in the respiratory system, requiring PICU expertise to manage and treat breathing difficulties.
  • Heart Defects and ConditionsCongenital or acquired heart issues requiring critical care due to their impact on the cardiovascular system.
  • Jaundice: Yellowing of the skin and eyes due to liver-related problems, necessitating intensive care to address underlying causes.
  • Meningitis: Inflammation of the protective membranes covering the brain and spinal cord, demanding urgent PICU care.
  • Sepsis or Infections of the Bloodstream: Serious bloodstream infections leading to systemic issues, requiring immediate and specialized attention in the PICU.
  • Seizures and Strokes: Conditions involving abnormal brain activity or blood flow to the brain, requiring prompt intervention in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

Depending on the illness being treated at PICU, the surgeons, nurses, and other medical professionals work together to monitor the progress of a child, modify treatments as appropriate, and ensure that everything goes well for a fast recovery.

Surgical Medical Services at Pediatric Intensive Care Unit:

Our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) including the neonatal intensive care unit at American Hospital Dubai is designed to cater to the critical needs of young patients and make sure they receive the highest level of care. We focus on the core needs of pediatric patients who require intensive care.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • An infant, child, or adolescent with an acute illness or injury who should be immediately transferred to the newborn NICU.
  • A chronic illness that affects one or more body organs.
  • A child who has a possibly life-threatening condition.
  • A child who requires intense care and high-level medical treatments due to a certain disease.

After the surgery has been successfully done and the patient has recovered, we make sure they attend the follow-up checkups and continue receiving post-surgery medical attention.

Our PICU Team Approach to Care:

Our multidisciplinary approach is exceptional where a team of top-rated specialists collaborate, including pediatric surgeons, pediatric intensivists, anesthesiologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and other healthcare professionals. We discuss the patient's medical history, ongoing treatments, and other necessary matters that concern the well-being of the children.

Along with that, we provide empathetic comfort to the families as we understand that when it’s about their children, how impatient the family can be. Therefore, we keep them updated about the surgical procedure, expected outcomes, and potential complications. 

Why Choose American Hospital Dubai?

Even though many other reputable hospitals are doing just as fine, what makes the neonatal NICU at American Hospital Dubai exceptional? The answer is simple: our undivided attention and personalized care for each patient make us people's first choice.

Our values are based on teamwork, quality care, top-notch services, respect, and a patient-centric approach. When a patient, and especially when it's a child, we make sure that they receive the best care possible. Being true to our mission, we are constantly improving our services to deliver the highest level of care that is recognized among the best in the world. We foster a safe, comfortable experience for the patient and their family. 

Get in Touch:

In case of an emergency or general queries, fill out the form on our official website or contact us at +971 43775500 Our customer care team is always available to answer

Pediatric intensivists are highly competent, highly specialized physicians who care for extremely ill children with life-threatening conditions such as congenital heart disease, trauma, and infectious disorders. 

The pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) is a unit that gives a high level of care to children. It is comparable to the ICU (intensive care unit), where adults receive special care, but the PICU staff is trained specifically to work with children. 

Children in the PICU get acute nurse care and close monitoring of vital signs such as heart rate, respiration, and blood pressure by attending physicians. The PICU also calls on physical therapists and occupational therapists to provide therapies that may not be available in other units of the hospital. 

The length of time that children spend in the PICU depends on their medical condition.   Some may just remain for a day, while others may stay for weeks or months. 

Nursing residents working in a PICU have extensive expertise in caring for the hospital's sickest youngsters. Depending on your child's needs, several doctors will provide care for your child, and other subspecialists like cardiologists and neurosurgeons may also be involved

PICU patients include newborns, toddlers, children, pre-teens, and teenagers. Most PICU patients are 18 or younger. People over the age of 18 can also require PICU treatment due to several conditions.