Sports Injury

Injuries on the sports field can sometimes lead to serious and long lasting damages if not treated properly. Luckily, our Orthopaedic specialists are here to help with effective treatment plans and postoperative physiotherapy services.

Taking part in any form of sport can be a great fitness activity to keep us physically and mentally healthy. Playing sports can lead to better sleep, improve lung and heart function and is a perfect stress reducer. Minor wounds like cut and scrapes are a natural part of playing sports, however, if you are not careful enough, you can also experience serious injuries that are detrimental to your health.

If you are currently going through treatment or surgery for a sports related injury, it is important to keep in mind to consult the right doctors who can provide you with a clear and reliable course of action that includes postoperative care and rehabilitation. At American Hospital Dubai, our Orthopaedic department is governed by highly experienced medical practitioners who can provide you with personalized treatment plans for a full spectrum of sports injuries.

Causes of Sports Injuries:

Though accidents are seen as reasons for sports related injuries; however, there are a number of underlying causes that can lead you to be injured on the field. Some of them are:

• Poor training practices
• Insufficient warm-up and stretching
• Improper equipment
• Loading
• Direct impact
• Uneven bone architecture
• Overuse injuries

Sports injuries can be of two types, acute and chronic. Often when an individual tends to ignore care for an acute injury, it can eventually lead to a chronic condition. It is imperative to get a medical check-up in order to determine whether your body can withstand severe exertion.

Sports Injuries We Treat:

Our team of expert Orthopaedic staff is always available to cater to a wide spectrum of sports related injuries such as fractures, muscle damage, non-union fractures, dislocations and other injuries. At American Hospital Dubai, we offer physical therapy and surgical procedures to treat a variety of sports injuries. Following is a list of some of the sports related injuries we treat:

• Shoulder dislocation
• Rotator Cuff Tears
• Muscle Tears
• Muscle Spasms and Tightness
• SLAP Lesion
• Fractures
• Back Injuries
• Knee Injuries
• Achilles Tendon Rupture

Sports Injuries Treatment:

A number of factors have to be considered when determining the correct treatment for a sports injury such as the severity of it and what part of the body is injured. Minor injuries such as sprains can easily be treated at home by icing the injury, compression and keeping it elevated. Over the counter drugs may also be prescribed by doctors to help manage the pain.

As for chronic injuries, doctors may recommend surgery and exercise prescription programs for postoperative care. Some of them can include:

• Stretching and Strengthening Exercises
• Proprioception Exercises
• Core Balance
• Gait Training and Balance Exercises
• Post-Surgery Muscle Strengthening and Conditioning
• KT-Tape for support the joints during Exercises

In some cases, treatment plans can also include wearing a splint/brace to help rest your joints and prevent any movement that might aggravate the injury. The recovery time is determined by the doctor who will suggest when the brace can come off depending on the severity of the injury and how well it is healing.

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If you have experienced a sports related injury, get in touch with our leading Orthopaedic specialists for the best care. If you are looking for a consultation or treatment, you cannot go wrong with choosing American Hospital Dubai as we strive to provide our patients with healthcare of the highest standards.

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