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Surgeries for urologic conditions such as prostate or kidney cancer can be incredibly invasive, painful, and have a long recovery period. Discover how our doctors are using the latest technologies to perform minimally invasive urologic surgeries.
Conditions that affect male reproductive organs and the urinary tract can be fatal for the patient if not caught early. Multiple cancers and disorders fall under the umbrella of Urology and they can include prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, difficulty with urination, erectile dysfunction, prostatitis, and hematuria. For such conditions, immediate treatment is sometimes required and it is important for patients to see a urologist for diagnosis and treatment.

Traditionally, surgeons would recommend urologic surgery that many patients may be apprehensive about due to excessive pain and a longer recovery period. Recently, however, urologists have started to recommend robotic surgery to their patients. This minimally invasive technique provides treatment of urological diseases in a more precise and safer manner. At American Hospital Dubai, our board-certified urologists are experienced in treating multiple urologic conditions with the use of robotic technology. Certain diagnostic tests may be needed to ensure the patients receive the correct treatment with the best outcome.

How Robotic Urological Surgery Works:

Robotic surgery has been offered by urologists for multiple procedures such as prostatectomy, cystectomy (bladder removal) and nephrectomy (kidney removal). The robotic platform that is most used by urologists for minimally invasive surgeries is the da Vinci Surgical System. This system is designed to have four robotic arms that have a range of motion better than a human hand. The da Vinci System is inserted into the body through small incisions. When compared to the larger incisions made by previous methods, the small incisions made for the robot help to significantly decrease surgical pain. After entering the body, the surgeon can then clearly see the area from a lens in the system console. This lens offers the surgeon a magnified, three-dimensional view of the area which allows for more precision in the procedures.

Apart from less pain, Robotic Urologic Surgery may offer patients the following benefits:

• Shorter recovery time
• Decreased risk of infection IS THIS TRUE??
• Significantly less scarring
• Decreased blood loss

Though the results of Robotic Urologic Surgery are favorable to patients, it is important to note that this technique might not be suitable for everyone. It is imperative for patients to discuss in detail with their doctors regarding treatment plans and then choose the one that is best suited for their health and condition.

Procedures Performed Through Robotic Urological Surgery:

Though the da Vinci System is being used by surgeons for multiple health conditions including cardiac and gynecology surgeries, in the field of urology, doctors are opting for Robotic Surgery for the following procedures:
• Prostatectomy: In order to remove the prostate, surgeons perform a laparoscopic prostatectomy through the da Vinci console. The recovery time for patients with prostate cancer is quicker with a faster return to daily routine compared to the open technique.
• Cystectomy: For surgeons to treat bladder cancer, they may perform a robotic cystectomy to remove the bladder completely or partially.
• Pyeloplasty: This robotic surgery is done to repair the tube that attaches to the kidney and bladder, known as the ureter. This can help correct and narrow, stricture of ureteropelvic junction (UPJ) obstruction.
Some other procedures performed by doctors using robots or robotic technology are:

• Nephrectomy
• Live-donor nephrectomy
• Sural Nerve Grafting
• Renal Transplant
• Adrenalectomy
• Colposuspension

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