Pediatric Ophthalmology

Vision is essential to your child’s physiological growth and learning development. An eye checkup is of the utmost importance as it will ensure that your child is experiencing the highest quality of life during their formative years. At American Hospital Dubai all pediatric patients have access to the latest imaging and optical testing technologies.

Optical issues in children can lead to difficulty with coordination and learning. Certain eye diseases can easily go undiagnosed affecting the healthy development of a child. Pediatric ophthalmology is the field in eye care that focuses on eye conditions in younger patients. A routine eye exam by a pediatric eye specialist can detect and treat a condition promptly and avoid unwanted complications.

Furthermore, abnormalities in one organ or system of a growing body may impact the neurological development of the eyes. To avoid any co-occurring ophthalmic problems it is preferable that a child with the below conditions be examined by a pediatric ophthalmologist:

  • Diabetes
  • Usher syndrome that often ends up causing blindness
  • Juvenile Alport syndrome that leads to nearsightedness (myopia)
  • Pre or postnatal infections
  • Down syndrome
  • Rubella
  • Marshall syndrome
  • Juvenile arthritis

A pediatric ophthalmologist specializes in eye diseases that affect children. At American Hospital Dubai we have board-certified pediatric ophthalmologists who provide a wide range of optical services ranging from school referrals to complicated surgical cases for the pediatric population. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Signs of Eye Problems in Children:

It’s common for parents to learn about their child’s visual acuity through vision screening tests held at school. Unfortunately, many eye problems may go undetected which may greatly impact your child’s learning abilities and skills. It’s important to be watchful of the below-listed signs as they may be an indication of an eye disorder:

  • Frequent headaches
  • Persistent eye rubbing
  • Squeezing eyes or covering one eye to see clearer
  • Difficulty in reading or holding books close to the face to read words or see pictures
  • Limited or no participation in visual games
  • Brief attention span
  • Double vision

Moreover, children with the following family or medical history should be seen and evaluated by a pediatric ophthalmologist on a regular basis for their timely diagnosis and effective management:

  • Children with certain medical conditions such as diabetes, blood disorders, metabolic disorders, and genetic diseases such as neurofibromatosis
  • Children with a family history of certain eye conditions such as strabismus, amblyopia and refractive errors
  • Children with poor vision, eye pain, changes in the shape or size of an eye, crossed or squinted eyes or an abnormal appearance of the pupil etc.

Pediatric Eye Conditions We Treat:

In general, it is preferable that babies born with signs of eye abnormalities should be seen by a trained pediatric ophthalmologist who can identify and address the problem immediately. Early detection leads to earlier treatment and a better chance of normal development. In addition to providing vision screening and eyeglasses services we provide treatment for the following pediatric eye conditions:

  • Common vision problems: These disorders may range from nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism, and/or childhood tearing
  • Childhood eye infections: These include conjunctivitis (pink eye), vernal conjunctivitis, herpes simplex virus keratitis, viral and seasonal infections or allergies
  • Genetic eye diseases: Pediatric cataracts, pediatric glaucoma, pediatric retinal problems (such as retinopathy of prematurity, retinitis pigmentosa, Leber congenital amaurosis, retinoschisis, retinal tumors, optic nerve hypoplasia, congenital ptosis, and others
  • Strabismus or eye misalignment: This condition, in the vast majority of the cases, can be treated either with eyeglasses, patching, or one-day surgery
  • Other abnormalities may include but are not limited to, childhood eye trauma, asymmetric refractive error, dyslexia, and learning disorders

If your child has any of the above eye abnormalities or if you are simply seeking consultation from an experienced pediatric ophthalmologist book an appointment with us. We can help your child by detecting and managing their eye disorders.

Pediatric Ophthalmology Services at American Hospital Dubai:

In addition to a careful examination of your child’s eyes, a pediatric ophthalmologist at The American Hospital Dubai has the expertise you expect to obtain a proper diagnosis. The diagnosis leads the eye doctor to develop a personalized treatment plan for your child which may include any or a combination of the following treatments:

  • Topical ointments to treat eye infections
  • Therapies for relieving inflammation
  • Prescribing medicines (such as antivirals, antibiotics and steroids)and determining their doses
  • Prescribing glasses
  • Eye muscle surgery
  • Pediatric cataract extraction
  • Surgical probing and irrigation – a procedure performed to open the valves between the nasolacrimal (tear) duct and the nose

Why Choose Us:

As mentioned earlier, the Department of Pediatric Ophthalmology at American Hospital Dubai offers comprehensive eye care from glasses to surgery for children from infancy through adolescence. Under the accomplished guidance of specialists, the eye-care staff at American Hospital Dubai draws on the most advanced techniques and methods to deliver the careful and compassionate care your child deserves. We strongly believe in building strong relationships with pediatricians and it is for this purpose we have carefully designed our examination and treatment settings to help us enhance patient outcomes, safety, and satisfaction.

Should you have any questions regarding pediatric ophthalmology or seek a consultation from the best pediatric ophthalmologist in Dubai please schedule an appointment with us using our secure web form with complete confidence right away.

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