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Being afraid of getting a root canal treatment is a thing of the past. With technological advancements in dentistry, the procedure is now quick, easy, and pain-free with minimal downtown. The Endodontist on our dental healthcare team uses modern technology to ensure that our patients can be treated quickly and comfortably.

A root canal procedure is a non-surgical endodontic treatment recommended to eliminate the infected pulp in order to preserve natural teeth and prevent the need for dental implants or bridges. The root canal treatment becomes essential when patients with root canal pain suffer from symptoms like visible swelling and severe pain; periodontal abscesses; deep tooth decay; fractured roots; tooth discoloration; sensitivity to cold or hot temperature; gum infection; and tenderness to biting.

If the diseased tooth is left untreated, it may lead to bone loss around the tip of the root, headaches, ear and throat problems, and debilitating discomfort in the whole body as well as affect everyday activities. Since toothache or deteriorated dental health can put the functioning of other organs of the body in danger, modern dentistry has evolved a great deal that not only optimizes dental health but improves the overall wellbeing as well.

Root Canal Treatment:

While many people fear undergoing root canal treatments, they are virtually painless. It may feel like a gentle pressure on the tooth, similar to that of a tooth filling. During a root canal at our multi-specialty dental healthcare unit, the Endodontist takes out the diseased pulp or infected nerve tissue and closes off the nerve chamber. As a result, the reinfection of the tooth is prevented while the health of the tooth is improved. In the vast majority of root canal cases, the procedure will preserve the tooth, cause no infection, and last a lifetime.

Root Canal Retreatment: In rare circumstances, a tooth that is treated may fail to heal as expected or develop another dental problem years later. This can be corrected with a procedure called “root canal re-treatment”. Our on-staff Endodontists can assist patients with failed root canals, even if they were performed by different dentists, to put their minds at ease.

Apicoectomy: This is a microsurgical procedure recommended when the diseased tooth doesn’t heal after a root canal or even retreatment, and continues to cause pain and discomfort. This procedure enables the Endodontist to directly access the underlying bone around the root in order to eliminate the infected tissue.

No matter which procedure you choose, our highly-skilled team of dental care specialists makes sure that you have a safe, secure, and satisfactory healthcare experience through their tremendous experience of handling a wide assortment of treating dental-health issues through invasive and non-invasive means with the sole objective of eliminating the pain and saving the tooth.

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