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We know how vexing allergies are. They rob you of your comfort, efficiency, and joy. They prevent you from living with energy and productivity each moment, impacting your job, family, and social life. You undergo long hours of blood and skin tests to find out what is causing the allergy.


It can be stressful. But imagine if you could undergo just one blood test and get the results.


Welcome to American Hospital Dubai's Alex²® Allergy Explorer. This next-generation system has the following features to provide you with rapid diagnosis:


  • Extensive molecular allergen base: Alex²® Allergy Explorer rapidly tests for up to 300 allergen extracts and molecular allergens simultaneously. It means you don't have to undergo several tests to check for various categories of allergens such as food, chemicals, etc. One blood test takes care of everything. How amazing is that?


  • Your sensitization profile mapped in one shot: Which allergens are you sensitive to? There are dozens of allergens, and testing for each can take a long time. Alex²® Allergy Explorer's vast allergens database enables each allergen to be matched to your antibody volume in a single session to give you an accurate match in record time. It helps you get the correct information to start treatment quickly.


  • Simultaneous measurement of Total and Specific IgEs: This is a huge asset if you consider the time taken to measure specific IgE for each allergen. A specific IgE test measures the volume of IgE your body makes to fight a single allergen. Each allergen has a separate test.


  • A single blood sample is all that is required: ALEX² covers over 99 per cent of allergy diagnoses with one blood sample, thanks to its nano-bead technology.


  • Risk markers for each family of allergy-causing proteins: Each molecular allergen in this testing panel has risk markers for each family of allergy-causing proteins. It makes it easier to pinpoint which protein is causing the allergy.


  • Identifies unexpected sensitization: Many times, people who are allergic may not be able to provide the required clues as to what is making them allergic. ALEX² can identify allergens not suspected by the patient or through skin tests.


  • Promotes Integrated inhibition of CCDs (cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants): Here's a simple explanation of CCDs: These are sugar structures that attach to proteins, resulting in so-called glycoproteins in plants and insects that are different from the proteins the human body produces to fight allergies. When allergen extracts are used in allergy panel testing, the CCD proteins may lead to a false positive test because they are also a form of protein the antibody encounters. ALEX² Allergy Explorer distinguishes between CCDs and body proteins, eliminating the possibility of a false positive test. It is a significant advancement that provides you with next-level diagnosis and accuracy.


  • Diverse Clinical benefits: ALEX² Allergy Explorer provides information on:
    • Potential indication of a specific immunotherapy.
    • Allergy risks to avoid severe allergic reactions to foods.
    • Cross-reactivities (CCDs as explained above).
    • The presence of an allergen is not suspected.


American Hospital Dubai's experts perform allergy testing using state-of-the-art systems to deliver the most accurate results. We help you get fast relief from allergic conditions and make a speedy return to enjoying peace of mind and quality of life.


Non-specific IgE antibodies against cross-reactive carbohydrate determinants (CCDs) are automatically blocked

High specificity and lower interpretative burden

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