Open Heart Surgery

Heart surgery corrects problems that no longer respond to other treatments. Open heart surgery is an effective part of our cardiac treatment and surgery program at American Hospital Dubai, which helps improve heart health and prevent future heart problems.

Open-heart surgery is a delicate procedure of cutting open the chest to operate on the heart muscles, valves, or arteries. During the surgery, the heart is stopped while the patient is attached to a heart-lung bypass machine that performs the functions of the heart and lungs by transporting oxygen to the blood, carrying blood through the body, and removing carbon dioxide.

Open-heart surgery is performed to address problems like heart failure, plaque accumulation interrupting the flow of blood in a coronary artery, valvular heart diseases, abnormalities in blood vessels such as the aorta, and irregular heart rhythms. The operation is also carried out to repair or replace heart valves, treat damaged areas of the heart, implant ventricular-assisted devices, and transplant the heart.

American Hospital Dubai is proud to host a team of experienced cardiac surgeons who specialize in performing the most advanced surgical procedures for a wide range of cardiac conditions from congenital heart conditions to coronary artery disease, aortic disorders to atrial fibrillation, and heart failure to heart valve diseases.

Treatments We Offer:

Our heart surgeons recommend the following types of open-heart surgery when other interventional cardiology procedures seem ineffective:

  • Heart valve surgery is often carried out in conjunction with CABG surgery to repair or replace heart valves (including aortic, mitral, and tricuspid valves).
  • Coronary artery bypass graft surgery (CABG), is performed for the restoration or improvement of the flow of blood in the blood vessels, by using the patient’s own arteries or veins to bypass fatty plaque buildups or blockages in the coronary artery.
  • Surgery for thoracic aortic aneurysm involves the replacement of a diseased or torn section of the aorta with a synthetic graft and is performed together with heart valve surgery or CABG surgery
  • Atrial fibrillation MAZE procedure is a modified MAZE procedure performed to address the issue with the heart’s natural rhythm that may put the patient at a greater risk for heart attack or stroke, blood clots, or other cardiac anomalies.
  • Heart tumor removal surgery is performed to remove heart tumors such as myxoma of papillary fibroelastoma.
  • Carotid surgery helps remove plaque in one of the carotid arteries in the neck that carries blood to the brain.
  • Heart transplantation surgery involves the replacement of the damaged or diseased heart with a donated heart.

Following the surgery, the patients are retained in the hospital for several days and recuperated at home for a couple of weeks before they are allowed to return to their normal activity. Our heart-care team makes sure to keep in touch with the patient even after the surgery, and creates a personalized cardiac rehabilitation plan that helps them resume their everyday activities gradually but safely.

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The cardiac surgery program at American Hospital Dubai is one of the nation’s leading programs providing a wide range of surgical treatments including both traditional open-heart surgery and minimally invasive procedures to treat conditions of the heart, lungs, and chest. While our Cardiac Surgeons have tremendous experience with all current and advanced cardiac procedures to address cardiac conditions with minimal to life-threatening risks, our cardiology staff ensures that the heart-patients receive personalized, patient-friendly care for an optimal level of their satisfaction.

If you have been diagnosed with heart disease, or are at risk for heart attack or heart failure, book your appointment with the best-in-class Cardiologists for open-heart surgery in Dubai online.

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