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Our dermatologists recognize that nails reflect your general health. A change in your fingernails or touch as discoloration, swelling, or thickening may indicate a serious health problem, and inhibit social relationships as well as everyday activities. At American Hospital Dubai, our skincare specialists offer non-invasive pain-relief treatment options for nail diseases of all types of nails sund conditions.

Nails are made up of a hard protein called keratin and provide the first defense to protect fingers and toes from injury or damage. When nails are chipped, discolored, or infected, they indicate something is way off the beam with the individual’s general health, and require adequate treatment in order to restore the overall health.

There is a wide range of nail diseases, affecting nails and bodies differently and requiring different solutions for effective management. Some factors believed to cause nail disorders are infections (such as warts and green nail syndrome), injuries, internal diseases & skin diseases like psoriasis and  (e.g. certain lung diseases, diabetes), weakened immune systems, nail fungus (onychomycosis), structural problems and birth deformities, medication, poor blood circulation, and/or use of acrylic nails or nail colors. These abnormalities result in discoloration, deformation, chipping, and even the loss of the finger or toenails.

At American Hospital Dubai, our skincare experts have extensive experience in treating all types of nail conditions. Whether your nail disease requires a cosmetic change or medical treatment, book a consultation with our dermatologists, and experience effective pain management as well as enhanced appearance of the nail.

Symptoms of Nail Diseases:

While some nail diseases are cosmetic, there are cases that establish nail disorders with other larger diseases, such as joint disease or cancer. If you experience any abnormality in your finger or toenail, it is important to be watchful for cardinal signs and symptoms and see the doctor have your nails evaluated. Some of the pesky symptoms of finger and toenail diseases are:

  • Irregular growth or appearance
  • Infection (pus) and swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Indentation or ridges in the nails
  • Breaking and chipping of the nails
  • The appearance of red, brown, or black lines on the nails

Treatment for Nail Diseases:

A nail disease treatment is developed after conducting a thorough investigation of symptoms (diagnosis), overall health, and personal preferences of the patient. Your doctor may prescribe oral medications, topical agents, and laser therapy individually or in combination to help treat symptoms and relieve pain and discomfort effectively.

Oral medication or even injections are often prescribed to address symptoms of severe cases of nail diseases, whereas fungal or bacterial infections can be reduced or eliminated with topical agents like cream, gel, or ointment.

Schedule an Appointment:

If you no longer wish to endure discomfort by the nail disease or your diagnosis suggests a larger problem such as diabetes, anemia, cardiac conditions, or kidney, lung, and liver diseases, our doctors are available to discuss a nail disease treatment with you and arrange for seamless, multidisciplinary care to ensure that you get everything you need at a single place.

To learn more about nail disease treatment in Dubai or seek a consultation with our dermatologists at American Hospital Dubai, please book an appointment online.

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