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The appearance of wrinkles can be distressing, but advanced aesthetic technology helps improve skin conditions, delays natural skin aging, and keeps freshness and youthfulness of the skin for several years. For those struggling with the appearance of wrinkles and other aging symptoms, we have a wide scope of treatments for the restoration and maintenance of skin.

Typically, facial skin is the first area to present the signs of aging, as it is more prone to environmental exposure including ultraviolet light of the sun than the remaining body. As the age progresses, wrinkles along with thin but apparent lines begin to emerge on the forehead and chin as well as around the eyes and mouth. Wrinkles manifest as creases or folds in the skin by aging, certain facial expressions, and lifestyle behaviors.

Wrinkle treatment at American Hospital Dubai is a safe and effective way for a smooth skin texture with a revitalized appearance. Our skincare specialists possess a wealth of expertise in skin rejuvenation utilizing a breadth of strategies from laser skin resurfacing to chemical peels and injectable fillers to botulinum toxin for non-surgical treatments to achieve more youthful-looking skin. For the management of complex signs of aging, our nationally recognized plastic surgeons are available to provide surgical treatment options such as laser treatment & facelift for wrinkles for the restoration of skin to its former beauty.

Wrinkles Treatment:

Advancements in skincare treatments have introduced numerous surgical and non-surgical procedures to people putting up with wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, scaly and dry skin, and other skin conditions. These state-of-the-art facial enhancement procedures can significantly minimize the visible effects of aging i.e. by smoothing out wrinkles, contouring and enhancing facial features, reducing sun damage and discoloration, and improving other aesthetic conditions.  

During your initial consultation at the Dermatology Center of American Hospital Dubai, your Dermatologist evaluates your skin for symptoms and health and collaborates with you to create a personalized treatment plan determining non-surgical and surgical methods to meet specific needs and achieve desired results.  

  • Non-Surgical Treatment Options:

    Our skincare practitioners offer several ways to treat wrinkles and reverse the aging process, such as botulinum toxin, Chemical peel, Dermal filler injections, Fractional resurfacing, Hydrafacial.
  • Surgical Treatment Options:

    When non-surgical treatments no longer deliver the degree of enhancement required to achieve or maintain a youthful look, our dermatologists may suggest considering surgical options, such as laser wrinkles treatment, to achieve optimal facial rejuvenation with long-term results.

Laser therapy or resurfacing can effectively minimize or eliminate wrinkles while enhancing the texture and complexion of the skin.

Schedule a Consultation:

At American Hospital Dubai, we believe that every patient presents unique concerns. Therefore, every treatment is custom-tailored to the patient’s preferences to effectively address cosmetic concerns, including wrinkles and fine lines or other facial issues, by benefitting from state-of-the-art technologies and proven modern techniques.

If you’re seeking effective management of your fine lines and wrinkles, we invite you to schedule a consultation with our experienced Dermatologists by using an online form. During your initial consultation, your facial flaws will be thoroughly evaluated before determining a customized treatment plan to reduce or eliminate unsightly wrinkles and get youthful skin.

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