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The journey of cancer treatment is more than just diagnosis and choice of management methods; it calls for complete knowledge of the individual and their case history, a one-of-its-kind approach that is exclusive, inclusive, and all-encompassing.

More than any other disease, cancer is highly individualized. It is uniquely about the patient’s body, mind, psychology, emotions, and genetics. Therefore, every cancer case is different, and we must only approach it as such.

American Hospital Dubai’s Centre of Complex Cancer Surgery Care is founded on this principle, which is why we are leaders in the UAE and the region.

The Cancer Care Centre at the American Hospital Dubai has remained a leading centre of excellence for cancer care within the region since opening its medical campus in 2005. Through an integrated program and a passionate team led by American Board-Certified Hematologists and Oncologists, the American Hospital Dubai Cancer Centre provides Dubai with premium healthcare solutions.

Read on to understand what distinguishes American Hospital Dubai’s cancer care from others.

Why is treating cancer a super-specialized skill?

Cancer is a disease that is not just one condition but a combination of conditions. Cancer is a collective term and can include more than 100 diseases, so it is not about arriving at a simple conclusion and starting lateral treatment.

The treatment of cancer is a complex interplay of factors that calls for the highest quality of multifactorial diagnosis. It requires a high degree of specialization, experts with a solid track record in dealing with every type of cancer, a deep knowledge of the rapidly evolving cancer research and state-of-the-art treatment methods that are precision-fit for the specific type of cancer in the patient.

We understand the complexity of cancer.

Cancer research is arriving at a point where scientists are diagnosing the specific type of cancers based on distinct genetic mutations, site origins and cellular behaviors unique to the patient. The same kind of cancer can manifest in individuals differently; this knowledge is at the root of mapping the treatment path. American Hospital Dubai’s highly experienced cancer specialists possess this expertise and bring the latest thinking and precision to treatment processes. Our patients receive the best-personalized treatment that leads to the most desirable outcome.

American Hospital is aligned with the UAE’s National Health Agenda to reduce cancer-associated mortality, so we have transformed our oncology and hematology department into a comprehensive cancer care center.

The center focuses on delivering world-class care, from preventative measures and early detection to state-of-the-art treatment and supportive services by a multidisciplinary team including:

  1. Medical Oncology.
  2. Radiation oncology.
  3. Surgical oncology.
  4. Breast care clinic.
  5. Palliative care.
  6. Pain, nutrition, and psychology.

Every cancer patient deserves a customized ecosystem of treatment and care.

Every form of cancer, its stage of development and its progress are urgent matters. Cancers can be first-stage, relatively straightforward, complex, advanced, and challenging. Patients need to be managed by specialists with the correct track record and experience. American Hospital Dubai’s Center of Complex Cancer Care is run by highly qualified American Board-Certified doctors with several years of experience in complex surgeries. We also have sub-specialized general surgeons in complex surgical oncology.

Cancer care at specialized medical hubs is more effective.

Research has established that patients who receive cancer care at medical institutions with highly experienced and specialized cancer care teams, clinical and surgical, have better outcomes. American Hospital Dubai’s Center of Complex Cancer Care has been a leader in the region since its launch in 2005 with an integrated and multidisciplinary cancer care program. We have built our reputation as leaders in cancer care by demonstrating the highest class of expertise, using the latest methodologies and minimally invasive surgical techniques with robotic assistance, and onboarding specialists abreast of cancer breakthroughs. What this means for patients is a thoroughly committed, personalized, and focused treatment journey with us.

We perform many high-risk surgeries conducted only at a few centers globally, which has earned us an excellent track record for managing complex cancer cases.

What’s the biggest challenge of cancer care?

We are keeping pace with technological innovation in oncological research and treatment. Each day brings a new understanding of cancer’s behavior, and having ongoing access to the latest research, therapeutics and technological applications is critical to patient welfare. Our specialists are highly versed in the latest treatments, and our state-of-the-art diagnostics, advanced ICU capabilities, and post-operative care units ensure we deliver the best care.

We offer precision treatments.

We are in the era of precision cancer treatment which is about having cell-deep knowledge of how this disease manifests. The tools to detect and eliminate cancer have evolved to incredible lengths. We now have tools like genomic testing, immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and clinical trials to study how a tumor grows and map its behavior in minute detail. We are now closer to understanding how it cheats the immune system to stop its truancy.

Researchers are studying mutations to design drugs that can fight their specific path lines and kill cancer in its tracks.

American Hospital cancer care specialists are abreast of cancer breakthroughs because they know it is the key to effective treatment.

Cancer is the Big C, but Compassion and Care are equally significant Cs.

When we treat cancer, we also give equal importance to the psycho-emotional aspects of the patient’s journey. American Hospital is committed to whole-person care, not just focusing on diseases. Our cancer care follows an integrative approach that includes palliative care, psychological support, empathic counselling, and supportive therapies to manage side effects that acknowledge the patient’s entirety and not just their disease.

We provide timely referrals, information and individualized attention that looks into every aspect of the patient's needs, concerns, and preferences.

We help you understand the goals of treatment.

A cancer diagnosis leads to extreme emotional and psychological trauma; addressing it while treating the malignancy is critical. The patient’s state of mind, doubts, fears, and desires are paramount to consider, and American Hospital extends every help to reassure them. We support and encourage our patients to share their concerns and explain the treatment plans and how they work.

Our Mission and Vision for your health:

American Hospital Dubai’s vision is to create a treatment culture that reinforces patient-centric care. We utilize the latest scientific data and evidence-based treatments to provide the highest quality of care.

Our mission is to integrate quality with education and research to help every patient receive the best healthcare. American Hospital Dubai is a privileged Mayo Clinic Network Member (MCCN), and our collaboration with Mayo Clinic gives us exclusive access to the newest therapies, treatment protocols and specialist skills. We are privy to informed opinions from some of the best specialists worldwide across the healthcare spectrum. It augments our expertise with globally acknowledged medical skills, delivering on our commitment to provide uncompromising patient-focused care.

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