Post Surgery Rehabilitation

Recovery is an important part of the healing process after an orthopaedic surgery. Learn how our doctors and physiotherapists are helping patients’ with postoperative rehabilitation and care.

One of the most important processes an individual has to go through after getting surgery is the recovery period. No matter the severity of the operation, post-surgery rehabilitation is imperative in order to ensure that your body is healing properly and at the right pace.

Often people overlook postoperative recovery which can worsen your condition. Taking part in strenuous activities can put a load on our bodies that we are unable to handle after a surgery, which eventually hinders the healing process. Physiotherapy is recommended by our expert doctors at American Hospital Dubai once you have undergone surgery in order to manage pain and improve musculoskeletal functionality. Exercise Prescription Programs are often followed by doctors to prescribe fitness routines that they think are according to your needs and how well you will be able to handle them.

Who Needs Post-Surgery Rehabilitation:

There are a number of reasons why a patient could require post-surgery rehabilitation. Musculoskeletal injuries can limit the movement of an individual after a surgery due to pain and inflammation but with physiotherapy and rehabilitative care, the patient can slowly regain that movement. American Hospital Dubai offers physiotherapy and rehabilitation for the following services:

• Shoulder Decompression
• SLAP Repair
• Rotator Cuff Repair
• Knee Meniscectomy
• Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury
• Total Hip Replacement
• Post-fracture rehabilitation
• Open reduction and Internal Fixation (ORIF) Surgery

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Treatment and Benefits:

Here at American Hospital Dubai, our medical practitioners keep in mind that rehabilitation is all about following a balanced and progressive exercise routine. Completely resting or opting for strenuous activities can only make the patient’s condition worse, therefore, it is important to find a balance between both. Once the patient’s condition begins to get better, doctors will alter exercises accordingly. Following is a list of exercises recommended to the patients as part of post-surgery rehabilitation process:

• Ankle pumps
• Ankle rotations
• Abduction Exercise
• Quadriceps Set
• Standing Hip Extensions
• Walking
• Resistive hip Flexion
• Resistive Hip Abduction

Though postoperative recovery is a long and arduous process, the advantages of it can greatly improve your condition. In order for the damaged tissues to be healed properly, it is important for them to be stimulated through exercise. Some of the benefits of post-surgery rehabilitation are as follows:

• Pain management
• Strengthening of weakened muscles
• Stretching of stuff muscles
• Improves posture
• Improves blood circulation
• Boosts lung capacity
• Reduces inflammation
• Improves breathing difficulties
• Helps with loss of sensation
• Improves balance and coordination problems
• Prevent deep vein thrombosis

It is important to note that physiotherapy rehabilitation takes time, patience and effort. Depending on your condition, post-rehabilitation will greatly differ. Considering a number of aspects, postoperative rehabilitation can take anywhere from 1 month to up to a year. The process also depends on how well your progress is and can take longer if the patient does not comply with the treatment or is unable to handle the exertion.

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If you have undergone orthopaedic surgery and are in search for post-surgery rehabilitation, get in touch with our expert orthopaedic and physiotherapy specialist for consultation, treatment or a second opinion. At American Hospital Dubai, our doctors work day and night to give their patients excellent post-surgery rehabilitative care. Opting for our team of expert medical practitioners will surely guarantee you the best physiotherapy and rehabilitative care that our hospital has to offer.