Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy

Treatments for joint pain and fractures often don’t come with lasting solutions. However, advancements in medical techniques, including Pulse Magnetic Field therapy, have allowed people to overcome such issues safely and permanently.

The musculoskeletal system as a whole is responsible for our movement and normal function of the human body. However, problems caused in the musculoskeletal system through bone injuries or arthritis can hinder body movement and render us incapable of performing our daily tasks.

The common treatments for muscle and joint diseases are done through nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and physiotherapy exercises that help manage pain and improve functionality. However, the effectiveness of these treatments are limited, which is why Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy is now being opted by doctors to provide patients with a safe alternative to lessen inflammation and pain. According to recent studies, Pulse Magnetic Field can boost tissue healing through an increase in muscle blood flow and promote bone healing. The procedure has been known to have long lasting effects to heal non-union fractures and improve joint pain. The Orthopaedic specialists at American Hospital provide their patients with excellent care and facilities that help them achieve their health goals.

Causes of Bone and Joint Pain:

Bone and joint pain can be caused by a number of reasons including a high-energy injury or rheumatoid arthritis. Non-union fractures can break blood supply to the bone, causing interruption in the healing process. Following are a few other factors that can increase chances of joint pain and non-union:

• Injuries
• Fractures
• Tissue Damage
• Ligament Tear
• Inflammation
• Bone-on-bone friction
• Use of tobacco
• Old age
• Vitamin D Deficiency
• Infection

Certain less severe joint pains can be treated at home with rest, but if pain and inflammation are severe, it is important to see a doctor immediately, so the condition does not worsen.

How Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy Works:

Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy works by stimulating cells by sending magnetic energy into the body in order to repair cellular dysfunction and promote bodily wellness. Your body’s naturally working magnetic field works alongside the energy waves sent through the Pulse Magnetic Field to increase ions and electrolytes in the body and improve healing. The therapy works in parallel with the body’s natural recovery process to provide aid with chronic pain. Since the human body requires electricity to send signals, the therapy works by stimulating the cell, making it positively charged. This then allows the cell to trigger further electrical currents which then turn into pulses.

Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy is usually recommended by doctors for the following ailments:

• Inflammation in the joints
• Peripheral Neuropathy
• Osteoporosis
• Chronic fatigue
• Non-union Fractures

Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy is a completely safe process and you can rid yourself of pain and discomfort without having to undergo invasive surgery. Some of the other benefits of the therapy are as follows:

• Correction of cellular dysfunction
• Enhancement of energy in the body
• Improvement in athletic performance
• Stimulation of cell recharge
• Reduction in inflammation and pain
• Speeds up the recovery process

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