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Having a dental phobia can prevent having proper oral and dental treatment, while your teeth and gums can suffer and become more prone to infections and diseases. Fortunately, the advances in dentistry offer dental anxiety management techniques and sedation options that can help you overcome your fear, and feel calm and relaxed before and during treatment.

The main reason for dental patients putting off their dental visits either for the checkup of their oral health or treatment of their dental issues is fear - they fear the agony of the dental work. This dental fear is intense enough to be classified as dental phobia, which can be characterized by panic attacks and severe anxiety when it comes to visiting the dentist. However, dental phobia is treatable.

We have a fantastically skilled dental team with extensive experience in delivering the latest and safest sedation solutions for the effective management of dental phobia. If you search for safe and effective sedation dentistry in Dubai from the region’s leading expert, our state-of-the-art dental healthcare center at American Hospital Dubai can help.

Sedation Dentistry at American Hospital Dubai:

Focusing on patients with a phobia for dental treatment, sedation dentistry uses a wide range of techniques to put the nervous patient in a relaxed mode during a dental procedure. The sedation method can be administered orally or intravenously:

  • Oral sedation: Also called conscious sedation dentistry, sedation is administered orally that slows down the nervous system (CNS) to relax the patient. However, the patient remains aware of the procedure but doesn’t experience any pain.
  • Intravenous sedation: IV sedation is carried out in a controlled manner, allowing the patient to experience a deep sensation of peace and relaxation while remaining awake and conscious during the treatment.
  • Laughing Gas or Analgesia: It is inhaled through a nosepiece while the dose of the gas is controlled by the doctor. The patient stays conscious but unconcerned about the procedure. Unlike the effect of oral and intravenous sedation that requires a couple of hours to wear off, analgesia has a quick recovering time as only a few deep breaths of oxygen can rid the body of the mixture.

Treatment of Patients with Phobia at American Hospital Dubai:

At the American Hospital Dubai’s multi-specialty dental-care center, we specialize in taking care of patients who suffer from dental phobia. Our highly experienced dental professionals allow an adequate amount of time to talk through the patient’s fears in a calm and relaxed environment, explaining dental health and treatment options at length.

Our team of specialists has worked relentlessly to create a relaxing environment that focuses on overcoming the fears of patients with phobia and ensures that they can get a pleasurable, stress-free experience during their consultation or treatment. Our patient-centric approach incorporates in-chair entertainment such as listening to music or watching a film as well as signals that allow patients to communicate with the doctor if they need a break during treatment. Also, our staff members work in close coordination with each other that further puts the patient’s mind at ease.

Book an Appointment:

If you’re anxious about seeing the dentist for an oral health checkup or searching for pain-and-stress-free dental treatment, we encourage you to book an appointment with our highly skilled sedation dentists who are experts in helping nervous patients beat their dental fears.

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