Pulmonology and Respiratory Clinic

Respiratory Services:

  • Endobronchial ultrasound-guided biopsy (EBUS)
  • Fluoroscopy Guided lung Biopsy
  • Placement of airway stents
  • Balloon dilation of narrow airways
  • Advanced therapy for lung cancer
  • Endobronchial Tumor ablation
  • Tracheostomy placement and management
  • Sleep disorders Diagnosis and management

Sleep Disorder Services :

  • Management of sleep disorders in-hospital sleep study
  • Home sleep study
  • CPAP titration studyMultiple sleep latency testing

American Hospital Dubai ensures that its wealth of medical knowledge is always abreast of the very latest health-related breakthroughs. Sleep Medicine is a fairly recent but growing clinical discipline in the international medical community, with approximately 150 different sleep/wake disorders identified as common to communities throughout the world. Also, pulmonologist in Dubai will help you breath better, so visiting one is the right thing to do.

A sleep disorder not only reduces the quality of life but can lead to various significant health problems that may be potentially dangerous, even fatal. This is why Sleep-Related Disorder (SRD) studies have become an integral part of routine patient screening for history and physical assessment, especially on patients with suspected sleep disorders.

Studies have found that the incidence of sleep-related disorders is increasing, ranging from 5% to 25% in the male population and slightly less among women. There are some recurring clinical signs and symptoms that highlight the need for the investigation of a sleep-related disorder. These include:

  1. A person who snores so loudly that he or she disturbs the sleep of those nearby
  2. A person who is frequently roused from sleep because they stop breathing
  3. A person who falls asleep while driving, potentially causing a car accident
  4. A person who has difficulty sleeping night after night and loses hope of ever again sleeping normally
  5. An infant who stops breathing and has to be rushed to the emergency room
  6. A person who regularly experiences difficulty staying awake in school, at work or at social events.

There are several clinical conditions linked to sleep disorders, showing their potentially serious health impacts. Patients diagnosed with heart diseases, such as hypertension (high blood pressure), heart failure, strokes, and sexual dysfunction may all be seen to have a connection with some degree of sleep disorder. Studies have found that patients with sleep disorders have a significantly higher chance of suffering from myocardial infarction (heart attack) or stroke. Moreover, each year thousands of cardiovascular (heart-related) deaths are attributed to sleep apneas and other types of sleep disorders.

Clinical studies also indicate that patients with Type 2 diabetes (poor blood sugar control) or show higher hemoglobin A1C levels (an indicator for blood sugar control) also report poor sleep quality and quantity.

At American Hospital Dubai, your doctor may recommend a scientific sleep study, known as polysomnography (PSG) to ascertain the exact nature and extent of your sleep disorder.

The study will be performed in the Hospital’s specially equipped and comfortable Sleep Laboratory, where our comprehensive sleep monitoring system will monitor and capture activity while you sleep. A dedicated PSG technologist will attend to you as a patient during the entire duration of the sleep study. Prioritize your sleep clinic Dubai visit and make arrangements to visit it early.

This study is usually performed by the patient at home using a simplified Sleep Monitoring Device, attached to the body with oronasal prongs, chest and abdominal belts and a pulse oximeter probe. The PSG technologist or Respiratory Therapist will provide detailed instructions on the application, operation, and maintenance of the monitoring device.

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