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We believe that every baby’s life is precious, and understand that our expert care has impacts that last a lifetime. Our expert and compassionate care for babies begins before they are born with parental discussions antenatally when needed. You can trust our neonatology team for your infant's over-all care.

While caring for your baby, we are focused on delivering high-quality neonatal intensive care with compassion and dedication in a family-centric and supportive environment. Neonatologists at the Neonatology Unit of American Hospital Dubai are equipped with the most advanced technology and together with their highly skilled expertise they provide all the necessary intensive care treatment for your baby, should the need arise immediately in the hospital.

Our neonatologists are available 24 hours a day, who work in close collaboration with experts from various pediatric sub-specialties, to ensure coordinated care for your baby which is focused on the high quality of life. When you have scheduled a pre-birth visit at American Hospital, you can discuss with neonatologists the expected care for your baby, and tour the facility where your child will stay. Your neonatologists will address all your queries and concerns.

Neonatal Issues That We Treat:

Our dedicated neonatology team works relentlessly to manage prematurely born infants and new-borns with varying degrees of illness. We address a range of both trivial and complex issues, such as:

  • Premature birth: At American Hospital NICU, babies born at all gestations including 23+0 weeks and above are managed in-house in the NICU. When babies are born prematurely, it’s a challenging time for all. especially babies. They go through various challenges which are efficiently managed in the neonatal unit at American Hospital. They are provided with breathing support with the latest breathing machines – including conventional ventilation, volume targeted ventilation, high-frequency oscillatory ventilation, noninvasive ventilation, and noninvasive modes of breathing support. If a baby needs nitric oxide a special gas to treat sick babies’ lung, will be provided in the American Hospital They are provided with weaning modes of breathing support once come off breathing machine for a gentle transition to their own breathing Babies are provided with parenteral nutrition through central lines for their nutrition and growth In order to improve their developmental outcome and encourage parental bonding – babies are cared for in a dedicated single room’s in the NICU where parents spend private family time with their own babies Babies get standard screening protocol for eyes, brain, heart and blood tests to identify early any unanticipated problems Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is equipped all life-saving facilities designed to look after complex medical issues of babies born at all gestation including 23+0 weeks and above gestations.
  • Low birth weight babies: Our Neonatal Intensive Care Unit also manages babies born with low birth weight who need supportive care to manage themself
  • Management of hypoxic brain injuries – Unfortunately occasionally some of the term babies suffer a hypoxic brain injury. The key in this situation is to provide a therapeutic cooling protocol soon after birth which is available in NICU with continuous cerebral function monitoring
  • Full-term infants with common and complex problems: Sometimes, a full-term baby might also require the care of a neonatologist, for management of infections such as pneumonia or meningitis, jaundice, injuries during the birth process or slow heartbeat and breathing support for various reasons
  • Failure to thrive/intrauterine growth retardation: Babies unable to grow appropriately in pregnancy are admitted to the intensive care unit as it is equipped with the latest technology that helps monitor and maximizes your baby’s growth in order to prevent potential issues that can extend through childhood.
  • Surgery for new-borns: Babies needing surgeries are managed in the NICU for postoperative intensive care management. Except post-cardiac babies all other postoperative care is provided in the NICU
  • Babies needing chest drain for pleural effusion, drainage of pneumothorax, lumbar punctures, ventricular tap, abdominal paracentesis, central lines insertion and total parenteral nutrition, intra-arterial blood pressure monitoring are all provided in the NICU
  • Other diagnostic procedures- EEG, CFM, ECHO, US scans, contrast studies, CT, MRI are all possible in the American hospital for babies
  • Other common neonatal problems: Babies born with brain-affecting issues such as jaundice, low blood sugar, new-born seizures and fits, and infections will receive optimal care, right from diagnosis to treatment.

Programs and Services:

We recognize that every child is born with unique needs. Through our comprehensive neonatology programs and services, we suggest a customized care plan that matches the needs of each child as well as their family. Our spectrum of child care services include

  • Diagnosing and treating problems
  • Managing everyday care of a new-born
  • Neonatal nutrition (ensuring that each baby receives adequate nutrition for normal growth patterns)
  • Comprehensive neonatal follow-up
  • Family-centered support and care
  • Whole-body hypothermia therapy for babies susceptible to brain damage due to inadequate supply of oxygen to the body
  • Neonatal-specific skin and wound care services

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU):

The bottom line is: whether it’s prenatal baby care or care after birth, our experienced neonatal team lead by neonatologists is ready to help. We are proud to be one of the nation’s leading hospitals for neonatology and child health care. If you have any query regarding a reputable hospital for premature baby career a world-class neonatology hospital with the best neonatologists in Dubai, get in touch with our Customer Support Staff at +971 43775500.

Doctors Panel of Pediatrics Neonatology

Omer Abbas Ahmed

Consultant Pediatrician

Arabic, English

Osama Ibrahim Hamud

Consultant Pediatrician

Arabic, English

Roba Al Koko

Specialist Pediatrician

Arabic, English

Rocky Sonale

Specialist Pediatrics and Neonatology

English, Hindi, Marathi

Shumail Ahmad Malik

Specialist Pediatrician and Neonatologist

Arabic, English, Hindi, Russian, Urdu

Sridhar M Ramaiah

Consultant Neonatologist

English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

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