Thyroid Treatment

The cases of thyroid disease are steadily increasing throughout Dubai. People diagnosed with thyroid disorders experience very unpleasant and uncomfortable symptoms. Only a thyroid specialist can help you manage your thyroid condition and live well.

A butterfly-shaped gland, the thyroid lies just below Adam’s apple on the neck and produces hormones that influence almost all of the metabolic activities and physiological processes such as heartbeat, growth, and development of a body. If any abnormality develops in the production of the gland, it may lead to various body disorders ranging from tiny, harmless goiter to life-threatening thyroid cancer.

Thyroid disease can happen to anyone – infants, adults, men, women, and at any stage. In recent years, a significant surge in the cases of thyroid diseases caused by overactive or underactive gland has been observed. Whatever thyroid causes are, the thyroid doctors at American Hospital follow a multidisciplinary approach to provide personalized thyroid treatment care for people of all ages.

Thyroid Causes:

The most common thyroid disorder involves the inadequate production of thyroid hormones i.e. the gland either produces too much or too less hormone.

Overactive thyroid develops a condition called hyperthyroidism which is characterized by an increase in appetite, sudden decrease in weight without reducing food intake, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, irregular heartbeat, fatigue, muscle weakness, increased heat sensitivity, menstrual irregularities, and others.

On the other hand, underactive thyroid leads to hypothyroidism and shows symptoms quite slowly unlike hyperthyroidism. The disorder causes weight gain, constipation, pain or swelling of the joints, increased sensitivity to cold, muscle aches, and irregular menstrual cycle patterns in women.

Thyroid Disease:

Besides hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism, the other known thyroid diseases are Goiter, Nodules, Thyroiditis, and Thyroid Cancer.

In some cases, the thyroid becomes enlarged due to the severe deficiency of iodine and forms goiter, which is generally neither associated with any pain nor does it indicate any complication so it may come and go on its own. However, this condition should not be confused with the inflammation of the thyroid gland or thyroiditis, which develops when the body’s immune system generates antibodies that attack the thyroid. Both goiter and thyroiditis form lumps in the neck.

Another disorder is a thyroid nodule which occurs when one part of the thyroid swells and contains fluid or blood.

One of the life-threatening disease that malfunctioning of the thyroid causes is thyroid cancer, which appears as a thyroid nodule and does not cause any symptoms. It is only your doctor who can tell if the nodule is cancerous by conducting a series of thyroid function tests.

Thyroid Function Test:

After a comprehensive investigation and physical examination, our experts arrange an appropriate testing schedule based on the type of thyroid disease suspected. The schedule may include the following thyroid function tests: Thyroid Ultrasound, RMR, ANS Monitoring, and Lab Services that enable thyroid specialists to effectively plan treatment for the best possible outcomes.

Thyroid Treatment:

Hyperthyroidism treatment is designed by taking into consideration the symptoms and causes. Non-complex conditions can be treated with anti-thyroid medications, beta-blockers, and other medications, whereas the advanced cases may include minimally invasive interventions to remove most of the thyroid gland.

For hypothyroidism treatments, oral medicines are prescribed that enable the body to regain adequate hormone levels.

Our endocrinologists at American Hospital Dubai offer comprehensive services for the diagnosis and treatment of all thyroid disorders, including Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Thyroid nodules, and Thyroid Cancer. If you have been seeking prevention, diagnosis, or thyroid treatment Dubai, book an appointment with us online.

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