Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

American Hospital Dubai’s Dermatology and Aesthetic department provides highly specialized care for all skin, hair and nail disorders of all age groups, including micrographic surgery for skin cancer (Mohs) as well as cosmetic dermatology services. We pride ourselves in having some of the best consultant board certified dermatologists in Dubai who are experts in their field practicing their specialty with compassion,discretion and care.

At American Hospital Dubai, we understand that dermatological disorders and issues can make you feel self conscious and cause discomfort. Our aim is to make you feel comfortable in your skin again and you can be sure that our doctors will go to every length to achieve that. As no two issues are alike, our skin consultants create tailored plans with effective treatments to best suit each patient’s diagnosis and from there onwards, offer an effective treatment, as well as lifestyle advice that may help alleviate symptoms.

Our state-of-the-art equipment, combined with our dermatologists knowledge, ensures that patient recovery time is usually minimized. Additionally, the Department’s wide scope of services allows patients to be treated quickly. These two aspects make our department at the American Hospital Dubai resident to one of the most preeminent dermatology clinics in Dubai.

Doctors Panel of Dermatology and Aesthetic Medicine

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