Ankle Replacement Surgery (TAR)

Advances in the techniques for ankle arthritis are continuously evolving, and so are outcomes for patients. Discover how Foot and Ankle Orthopedic Surgeons at American Hospital Dubai are helping patients, suffering from ankle arthritis, with Total Ankle Replacement surgery to relief pain and regain ankle function.
Ankle arthritis is a debilitating condition that causes pain and disability and has a direct impact on the quality of life of the patients. However, treatment options like Total Ankle Replacement (TAR)replaces damaged parts of the ankle with prosthetics that provides pain reliefand improves joint function. Additionally, it preserves ankle movement compared to other surgical procedures such as ankle fusion.

About Ankle Arthritis:

Ankle arthritis develops when the cartilage covering the bones of an ankle joint is damaged. Some of the common reasons responsible for causing ankle arthritis are identified as genetic predisposition, general wear and tear, ankle injuries, fractures, , and certain health conditions. Arthritis results in pain, stiffness, deformity, and movement restriction that eventually affect activities of daily life and leisure.
Ankle arthritis manifests itself by causing difficulty is walking, joint pain and visible swelling in the ankle joint.Most people find relief with conservative therapies, such as: medications, physical therapy or orthotics. But when a nonsurgical treatment fails to improve the condition of a diseased ankle, the doctor may recommend surgery that can help relieve pain, correct physical problems with foot or ankle structures, improve ankle or foot function, optimize mobility, reduce disability, and enhance the overall health of a body.

What Does Ankle Replacement Surgery (TAR) Involve?

Ankle replacement or ankle arthroplasty involves open surgery, to replace damaged joint surfaces with artificial joint prosthetesis, and correct ankle alignment. The joint surfaces are cut with precision using CT scan imaging of patient’s ankle. The damaged or diseased joints are replaced with artificial metal or plastic implants. They are then checked for the motion range and alignment to ensure a pain free movement for the patient.
With advances in technology, it is now possible to replace the ankle joint with patient specific instruments and implants.

Recovery after Ankle Replacement Surgery:

Following the surgery, the patient is kept in the hospital for two days on average. Once released from the hospital, they are advised not to bear or lift any weight or heavy objects on the operated leg for two weeks to allow the wound to recover. A below knee cast is applied for the first two weeks, and is then replaced with a removable walker boot for next couple of days. Also after two weeks, lifting of slight weights is advised to assess the wound is healing satisfactorily.
The expected time to return to walking with no support is six to eight weeks, whereas full recovery from the surgery varies with patient fitness and health.

Things to Take Care of After Ankle Arthroplasty:

Since ankle joint is a complex joint, thereare several risks associated with the replacement surgery, such as:

• Wound healing problems – infection and delayed wound healing
• Implant loosening
• Residual pain and stiffness
• Fracture around the implant
Risks of complications after surgery can be reduced with suitable patient selection and assessment of suitability of patient to be considered for Total Ankle Replacement.

Let us help you get back on your feet:

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