Gastric Band

Hundreds of people in Dubai and thousands of people around the world are losing weight & enjoying profound changes to life with the Gastric Band - a safe, effective and customizable weight loss gastric procedure available for the treatment of obesity.

A laparoscopic stomach banding is a minimally invasive approach that doesn’t require any cutting or stapling of the stomach or re-routing of gastro intestines to treat obesity. It rather encompasses the placement of an inflatable silicone gastric band around the upper stomach that helps decrease food consumption. The gastric band can be adjusted to match every patient’s unique needs in just one visit to a weight-loss consultant. It’s that simple.

The adjustable lap band is designed not for obese patients only but also for patients with comorbidities that may improve with shedding of extra pounds, such as hypertension, diabetes, and/or sleep apnea etc. However, patients at American Hospital need to begin with initial assessment of their physical and psychological examination in order to determine their candidacy for the procedure.

How does Gastric Band Surgery Work?

The lap band is an attractive surgical technique that comprises laparoscopic placement of a small band around the upper portion of the stomach, and is removable and adjustable, especially for individuals who are struggling with obesity and seeking minimal or non-invasive surgical ways to lose weight effectively. Once the band is fitted around the top portion of the stomach, it transforms the stomach into an hour glass i.e. the upper part looks like a pouch and is larger than the lower part. This irregular shape allows the top portion to empty slowly, and consequently makes the patient feel full and eat less.

Discover advantages of the revolutionary lap band weight loss procedure, and enjoy better quality of your mind and body.

  • The lap band procedure is highly recommended for patients who suffer from morbid obesity, as there’s no cutting or repositioning of any intestine, it puts the risk of any leaks to very low levels.
  • Unlike other invasive weight loss interventions, the lap band surgery gives no excessive scarring to your body.
  • To achieve the optimal outcomes, the procedure has to be followed in conjunction with a control over meal portion and physical activity. Once the patient hits the weight-loss target and takes full control over appetite, (s)he can have the laparoscopic adjustable band removed permanently.

What Makes Our Gastric Band Surgery Dubai Team Unique?

The success of our weight-loss team is based on a collaboration with patients. Owing to the highest level of expertise, our consultants are helping tons of obese patients overcome their obesity and achieve their weight loss goals through the gastric band surgery. In addition, our consultants have a profound sense of identifying and realising the patient’s needs, and since we believe in striving together with patients, we make sure to use the industry’s most sophisticated technology to obtain the most optimal outcomes.

How Much Does Gastric band Surgery Cost?

Like any revolutionary surgery, the gastric band is not inexpensive, but whatever it costs, it’s going to be a wise investment of your life, as this procedure will help you get rid of unwanted pounds and all without extreme scarring.

Patients seeking surgery for gastric band in Dubai need to look no further than American Hospital. Fill out the form below to book your appointment with our weight-loss support staff or get gastric band price quotes to make an informed decision about a healthy life.