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Elipse Gastric Balloon in Dubai

The Elipse Gastric Balloon has proven effective in not only kick-starting but also maintaining a weight loss journey. It’s a new non-surgical intervention to assist in weight loss; hence ideal for adults struggling with obesity but unwilling to undergo invasive procedures.

The Elipse Gastric Balloon is a soft balloon inserted into the stomach without surgery, endoscopy, or anesthesia, which helps the patient lose weight relatively quickly while achieving significant health benefits to become fit for long-term weight loss procedures.

How Does Weight Loss Gastric Balloon Work?

Stomach balloons are very effective at reducing appetite, limiting the amount of food the stomach can hold, delaying gastric emptying and improving feelings of fullness even after taking food or drink in small volumes. Since the emptying time of the stomach is prolonged, the patient eats less, feels fuller, and loses weight. These adjustable gastric balloons are now widely regarded as effective training wheels mainly because they:

1) Help kick start weight loss

2) Include long-lasting dietary and lifestyle change

The procedure works best when followed with a comprehensive holistic lifestyle program which may include a calorie-controlled diet and physical activity plan in consultation with the weight-loss consultant or nutritionist.

What Does the Procedure Involve?

It is a short procedure, usually takes around 20 – 30 minutes, with most patients able to leave hospital the same day. Performed under local anaesthetic (a throat spray), the patient is relaxed but awake. The gastric balloon is a soft inflatable prosthetic device that is inserted into the stomach by an endoscope and then inflated with saline that produces artificial bulk in the stomach. This, in turn, helps control hunger and keeps the weight off.

Who Will Do the Procedure?

At American Hospital Dubai, you can expect to receive expert and tailored care from highly skilled weight loss consultants and nutritionists. Our dedicated team will be here for you every step of the procedure. For us, it’s more than just treating patients, it’s about taking care of them.

Even after your treatment is done, we’re still monitoring your progress. You will be called in for regular follow-up appointments with consultants and dieticians of the weight-loss team.

If you have any queries or concerns, we’re ready to help.

What is the Gastric Balloon Price?

A gastric balloon procedure is available from AED 16,500. However, it’s recommended to reach out to our Weight-loss support staff using the online form to get the latest price quote.

Why you should choose us?

At American Hospital Dubai, we follow a patient-centric and holistic approach to help patients get sustainable results in their weight loss journey. Our aim is to support our patients achieve and maintain their weight loss goals in conjunction with easy-to-follow and structured lifestyle changes, increased physical activity, and plenty of one-to-one support. Our weight loss support group has a wealth of experience to help you take back control of your body, health, and life.

So if you are suffering from obesity and in search of a non-surgical treatment option, book an appointment with our Consultant to find out if the Elipse Gastric Balloon Dubai is right for you.

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