Mindful Eating Habits for Healthier You

Mindful Eating Habits for Healthier You

Proper eating habits keep you healthy but never confuse a healthier lifestyle with extreme dieting as this causes more harm than good.

Turn your dish into a rainbow delight, use colorful fruits and vegetables; all these are packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Take time to eat, chewing your food slowly, and deliberately prevents overeating.

Stress eating is most damaging, don't use food for comforting stressful situations.

Stay hydrated; your body needs water throughout the day, set regular reminders.

Eat mindfully, stuff your body with most nutritious foods first – vegetables, salads, and seeds, then go for other favorite meals.

Consult our telehealth service for seeking tailored dietary advice. If you have a severe eating disorder, visiting the hospital helps.


Authored by:
El Sherif Omar Shafie

El Sherif Omar Shafie

Consultant Family medicine

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