Tackle Respiratory Infections in Kids

Tackle Respiratory Infections in Kids

Bronchiolitis is a chest infection caused by a virus and affects infants and small children.

Similar to a common cold, babies have blocked or runny nose and dry cough, to start with.

The virus causes smallest airways in the lungs to become infected and swollen.

No medication will cure this virus and the infection usually clears up in one to two weeks without specific treatment.

Antibiotics will not clear the virus. Measures to help the baby include small frequent feeds.

You may find it helpful to sit your baby upright after feeding; that may help their breathing pattern.

Maintain a smoke-free environment at home. However some children can get worse and develop noisy breathing, fast breathing, high fever, reduced feeding, vomiting, and reduced wet nappies. Unfortunately if the disease progresses further, the child will become more tired and sleepy.
So please check the baby regularly, especially at night, for any worsening symptoms.

For advice, consult your Pediatrician at American Hospital Dubai via our Telehealth service or instead attend the Pediatric clinic.

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Krishnakumar Thattakkat

Krishnakumar Thattakkat

Consultant Pediatrician

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