Food Refusal in Children

Food Refusal in Children

Tips from the Pediatric Gastroenterologist to the parent of a Picky Eater:

  • Take notice of satiety signals (like closing mouth, turning away from food)
  • Give small frequent meals
  • Taken uneaten food away without comment
  • Give positive attention/encouragement when the child is eating
  • Don’t force feed
  • Don’t use one food as a present for eating another, the first food will be understood as less nice
  • Don’t give attention for not eating
  • Don’t put liked and disliked food on the same plate

Modification of eating behavior for young children:

  • Move from mashed food to {bite and dissolve food} from 7 months
  • Encourage self-feeding as soon as possible by the end of first year of life
  • Allow the child to be messy at mealtime and to enjoy eating
  • Putting a disliked food on a plate next to a liked food may lead to rejection of the liked food (Contamination)
  • Repeated exposure to a food is the best way of it becoming accepted
  • Sit with your child at mealtime, imitation of adult and other children lead usually to acceptance of new food

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