Work life with the New Normal

Work life with the New Normal

The life post-pandemic begins for all with newer responsibilities in the workplace and daily life. 

As people leave their homes to return to their work routine, every company’s HR strategy must have the health and safety of its staff as the top priority.

A holistic approach towards employees’ health in the entire work environment is a must. Specialised programs should be designed to look after the well being of all your personnel.

Continue social distancing to be the new norm in the workplace, and no handshakes needed. 

Encourage all meetings, team gatherings, celebrations to have a mandate of 2m distancing. Also, make sure to limit face-to-face participation, instead have more reliance on technology for communications.

And as international travel restrictions continue, online courses and conferences are the best course of action for your employees.

Focus on self-hygiene and have awareness campaigns at all levels within the organisation to embed the heightened culture of health and safety as part of business culture.

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