Bone Metastasis

Bone Metastasis

Bone metastasis is a state when cancer cells from another area relocate and spread to the bones. Almost all cancer cells can spread, causing the bone to metastasize; the most common are prostate, breast, and lung cancers.

Bone metastasis happens to any bone, generally seen in the spine, pelvis and thigh. Bone metastasis indicates the first sign of cancer or bone metastasis may occur years after cancer treatment.

Bone metastasis causes pain and broken bones. Cancer that develops in the bones isn't curable in most cases; treatments generally helps in reducing pain and other symptoms of bone metastases.

Understand the symptoms

Sometimes, there are signs, but if it occurs, some experience symptoms such as bone pain, bowel or urinary incontinence, broken bones, weakness in the legs or arms and high levels of calcium in the blood (hypercalcemia) that causes nausea, vomiting, constipation and confusion.

Consult the doctor

Get medical help when you experience persistent signs that cause concern. When you have a history of cancer, got treated for cancer, tell the doctor about it and your concerns about the symptoms.

Know the causes

Bone metastasis happens when cancer cells break away from the part the tumor started, developing in the bones, and multiplying. This condition cause is unknown and why some cancers travel to the bones than other usual sites for metastasis, such as the liver, is still undiscovered.

Recognize the risks

All kinds of cancer may spread to the bones. People with breast, kidney, lung, lymphoma, prostate, thyroid cancer and multiple myeloma are more prone to developing metastasis in the bone.

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