Ovulation Stimulation

Infertility in women can be caused by a number of reasons and one of them can be an absence of ovulation due to hormonal imbalance. Ovulation stimulation is recommended by fertility specialists as the correct method of choice that can help women with an interrupted ovulation cycle.

Often times, women can have interrupted ovulation cycles and the treatment that doctors recommend for that is ovarian stimulation - a hormonal therapy that assists in developing the eggs and releasing them. Ovarian stimulation, also called ovulation induction, uses medications that has specifically been designed to induce ovulation in women who may experience menstrual cycles that are irregular.
Though the oral pills and injections that are given to the patients take their time to achieve a pregnancy, the therapy is also frequently used by patients so that the amount of mature eggs increases in every cycle so that there is a better chance of conception.
Unlike IVF and other fertility procedures, Ovulation stimulation is completely non-invasive which is one of its kind along with being effective in a short amount of time.

Who Needs Ovulation Stimulation?

The main reason for a patient to receive ovarian stimulation is to get the natural process of follicle development on track and improve ovulation. Our Fertility Center at American Hospital houses an expert team of fertility specialists who are experienced in ovulation induction and other stimulation treatments that have been proven to improve oocyte development and increase the chances of a patient getting pregnant.
Ovulation induction is often done in parallel with IVF treatments in order to release and collect healthy eggs. Other reasons why doctors may recommend ovulation stimulation could include:

• Any type of disorder such as PCOS or hypothalamic amenorrhea that can cause an absent ovulation
• Hormonal imbalances caused by undiagnosed problems of the thyroid gland or the presence of AMH, LH and FSH may hinder ovulation

The above concerns are thoroughly looked at by fertility experts along with the eating orders and physical activity of the patient to form the best plan for ovulation induction.

How is an Ovulation Stimulation conducted?

The following steps are taken into consideration while performing an ovulation stimulation:

• The doctor begins the ovulation stimulation by giving the patient clomiphene pills orally or injecting the patient with gonadotropins
• After waiting for a few days, your doctor will perform a pelvic ultrasound to measure the growth of the follicle. Hormone levels are also measured by checking them through blood samples
• After getting the results, the dose is adjusted according to them
• It is important to note that independent ovulation is often ideal in conditions when the follicle has reached a 15 mm size since the goal of conducting ovulation stimulation is to make sure that the follicle is growing correctly around a viable egg. Often fertility specialists will cancel an ovulation stimulation cycle so that there is not a risk of multiple pregnancies, usually when three or more follicle have developed that are of the optimal size
• Your doctor may keep on conducting pelvic ultrasounds as well as blood tests to ensure the progress of the procedure

A few things to remember about getting an ovulation stimulation are:

• After your induction comes to an end, you do have the opportunity to attempt an IVF which can help your doctor to the control the amount of embryos
• After getting an ovulation induction, you may experience side effects such as fatigue, mood swings, sleep disturbances, mild nausea, night sweats and abdominal discomfort
• If the patient does experience Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome, it is important to keep getting the treatment to ensure good outcomes.

Why Choose American Hospital for Ovulation Stimulation?

American Hospital’s recent collaboration with Sweden-based Livio AB - one of the biggest fertility treatment providers in the Nordic region, has opened a gateway for fertility treatments in the UAE.
To ensure that all our patients are catered to, we have developed personalized fertility treatments that have helped a number of patients with conception.
At American Hospital, we make sure that our patients are left satisfied, and all their concerns are taken into consideration when it comes to ovulation stimulation.

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