Robotic Centre Of Excellence

First facility in the region to promote da Vinci Robotic System

The addition of robot-assisted surgeries in medical care has revolutionized care management and American Hospital Dubai has raced past many milestones in this field. We take pride in being the first medical facility in Dubai to install the fourth generation da Vinci Robotic System and perform the first robotic surgery in Dubai.

Our state-of the art, multi-organ robotic surgery facility is equipped with a dedicated operating room, an achievement that has earned us a special place in Dubai’s robotic surgery era.

The da Vinci system has helped us conduct several complex procedures across a range of fields that include removal of the gallbladder, Hysterectomy, removal of uterus or other reproductive organs, removal of uterine fibroids, removal of prostate and kidneys, colon, rectum, small intestine and stomach cancer and the repair of different hernias.

Over a 100 surgeries have been performed with amazing success since the introduction of the da Vinci system and the benefits for our patients have lower levels of pain, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, minimal scarring, and overall recovery compared to other surgical approaches

Our pursuit of AI-assisted technology has helped us stay true to our vision of delivering benchmark medical care, while helping us catapult the UAE to the position of being a regional hub for medical tourism.

We are also the proud recipient of the “Excellence in Robotic Surgery Services" award by Global Brands Magazine, a UK’s leading independent publication.

New era in AI-assisted surgeries

This state-of-the art surgical robot immaculately mimics the operating surgeon’s hand and wrist movements, enabling them to perform minimally invasive procedures through the tiniest of incisions.

Our introduction of the da Vinci Xi surgical system in a range of fields including breast cancer, prostrate, orthopedics and other disciplines has been delivering excellent outcomes with precision and accuracy.

Our surgeons who operate the da Vinci system are all American-Board certified and specially trained for the job.

ROSA® Knee System: Ushering in a new chapter in orthopedic surgeries

We signed an agreement with Zimmer Biomet, the well-known American manufacturer of medical devices and robotic solutions, for the ROSA® Knee System to set up another milestone in our orthopedic services and provide the best-outcome based treatment and procedures from across the world.

ROSA®, which stands for Robotic Surgical Assistant, helps surgeons carry out knee replacement procedures with enhanced precision.

Our Orthopedic Department, home to the region’s most advanced services in the field, is led by a team of world-class, highly experienced American Board-certified specialists and surgeons, who are known for their ability to successfully conduct even the most complex and rare of surgeries.