Research & Innovation Hub

Our landmark initiative: First AI-led research lab in the region

As a premier healthcare institution, American Hospital Dubai doesn’t believe in just expanding the boundaries of care delivery by combining world-class expertise with advanced medical technology; but in also directly investing in healthcare research and innovation for the greater good of mankind.

In our journey towards achieving more milestones in medical care, we have aligned ourselves with the vision and strategy of the UAE Government to use the power of AI to help minimize the burden of chronic diseases for the welfare of our citizens and residents. Our AI approach strived to develop scientifically proven, relative and explainable AI models that support our clinical operations and outcomes.

We believe that our responsibility as a leader in the field calls upon us to lead by example where we have partnered with Cerner, a global healthcare technology company, to set up the first Artificial Intelligence-led healthcare research lab in the region. The AI data lab will leverage Jupiter notebook Python and R as the data science environment, combined with Cerner’s Data Lab and its intelligent predictive models that have been built, trained and localized. This program will strive to achieve a quadruple aim (patient, caregivers, financial and outcome/value driven results).

The research lab will help American Hospital Dubai understand the healthcare needs of the people in the UAE with greater insight, through an enhanced predictability of disease patterns, thus taking us closer to our objective: to continue to redefine a patient-centric healthcare delivery system and empower individuals to proactively manage their health.

The AI-led research center will also promote the critical requirements in today’s global healthcare landscape: regional and global collaborations and expansion. As the pandemic has proved, when it comes to healthcare challenges, there are no borders.

Our research center’s already delivering results

Our Cerner collaboration, for example, has helped us devise a COVID-19 Model on Patient Mortality and ICU Admission Prediction.

How did we achieve that? AI-led algorithms helped us to identify patients who are at high risk for ICU admissions and risk of mortality and this helped us to provide them with timely and appropriate care. We looked at more than 5,000 attributes, analyzed the top 50 risk identifiers across the globe and analyzed a 100K combination of identifiers for American Hospital Dubai’s patients, to arrive at an accurate identification of the top 10 features that will impact the outcome for COVID-19.

The result? Improved clinical outcomes and focused personalized patient care. Not just that, it also means that we can actually reduce the numbers of ICU admissions and mortalities, easing the pressure on cost and infrastructure. This is one concrete example of how AI plays a vital role in improving healthcare.

Oracle partnership: Excellence in non-clinical domain

World events have proven the need for foundational enterprise business capabilities that enable agility. We believe having a clear ERP strategy is a must to engage business leaders and deliver capabilities that enable our organization to survive and thrive. This approach will help us deliver innovations quickly and be able to adapt applications dynamically. Our partnership with Oracle will help us implement a composable enterprise with the digital transformation strategy where it will help us innovate and adapt to the changing needs of the business.

In the healthcare setting, we see the impact of these new technology trends to extend the quality of patient care while reducing costs by removing bottlenecks in growth and enhancements. We believe we will be able to eliminate information silos, provide comprehensive view of operations, improves process efficiency, and enhance patient care.

A healthcare institution is as much about delivering excellent care as it is about having great workflow processes, highly motivated staff, enhanced productivity, and a progressive management.

American Hospital Dubai is consistently seeking advanced next-gen technology and process trends to improve its own efficiencies in everything it does. Its partnership with Oracle Cloud Applications and Cerner Corporation for its major digital transformation programs will further integrate its business and clinical aspects and provide the foundation for predictive analysis capabilities, to assist administrators , clinicians to make strategic plans that can improve organizations’ overall efficiencies, patient experience and clinical outcomes

Cerner’s new health IT platform, electronic health record (EHR), will improve the safety, quality, and healthcare experience for patients and caregivers. Oracle’s digital business platform and Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Cloud will enhance productivity, reduce costs, and improve controls. Together, the two will integrate the hospital’s business and clinical operations to improve patient care systems, reduce costs through efficiency, promote higher productivity and performance, boost employee satisfaction and streamline workflow systems by offering real-time data.

We believe in investing in all these objectives to further strengthen our stature as a beacon of medical service excellence and expertise in the region and beyond.