American Hospital Dubai performed the first bone marrow transplant procedure

American Hospital Dubai performed the first bone marrow transplant procedure

A 63-year-old Nigerian man, diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma cancer, became the first patient to get a bone marrow transplant treatment at the American Hospital Dubai.

The patient had Multiple Myeloma, a type of blood cancer where cells originating in the bone marrow leak and produce abnormal proteins that damage the bones, causing fatigue, tiredness, bone pain and sometimes fractures and kidney failure, as the most severe complications.

He saw his general practitioner in April 2021 at a hospital in his home country, complaining of back pain. Upon initial presentation, he was found to have lytic lesions in his spine and severe kidney failure which was managed with urgent dialysis. After detailed investigations, he was diagnosed to have multiple myeloma, which can cause complications like back pain and kidney failure.

He was treated with a standard regimen with three biological agents and got monthly bone-strengthening injections. He initially started his treatment for two cycles in Nigeria, went to London for another one cycle and then, on his daughter's recommendation, came to Dubai to consult Dr Shabeeha Rana, Consultant Hematologist at American Hospital.

After reviewing his record and the diagnostic material, Dr Rana continued his treatment with two more cycles of treatment that offered him good remission. He was considered a candidate for autologous stem cell transplantation at that stage, a standard treatment for multiple myeloma.

At the same time, Dr Rana set up the first-ever bone marrow transplant unit in Dubai at American Hospital Dubai in September 2021, approved by the Dubai health authority. He became the first patient to obtain autologous peripheral blood stem cell transplantation at the Hospital in October 2021.

He was discharged from the hospital in seven days with excellent progress and showed remarkable recovery after the bone marrow transplant.

He came off dialysis during his treatment before the transplant, showcasing a good kidney recovery and maintaining it without going back on dialysis. His follow up visits at the outpatient clinic have displayed excellent recovery in his general clinical and physical state.

He and his family expressed gratitude and were delighted with the quality care and treatment they had received from the doctor and the entire support team at the hospital during the treatment.

Timely diagnosis of Multiple myeloma and treatment through autologous stem cell transplantation/bone marrow transplantation is the standard of care treatment procedure for this incurable condition. This treatment helps patients keep the disease in control for a more extended period.

American Hospital Dubai is well equipped to perform specialized treatments and procedures, including bone marrow transplantation in Dubai, extending high-quality therapies and supportive care to patients in the UAE, the Middle East and beyond.

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