Healthcare Destination


As a leading healthcare destination, Dubai is globally acknowledged for its excellent medical facilities and infrastructure and the prestigious Dubai Health Experience (DXH) brand, that calls for rigorous standards of medical care, reiterates Dubai’s enviable position on the world medical tourism map. American Hospital Dubai is proud to be a member of DXH, partnering with the Dubai government to play a leading role in promoting its medical tourism goals.

We feature prominently as a preferred healthcare destination owing to our deep understanding of the needs and priorities of medical tourism and our commitment to providing highly personalized and supportive care for patients.

Prior to the pandemic, DXH had projected a footfall of about 500,000 health tourists to the emirate by 2021. 2019 saw a four per cent rise in health tourism to Dubai, with more than 350,118 health tourists and the spending on health services rose to Dh796, 810911.

At American Hospital Dubai, we are ready to expand the horizons in 2021 to welcome more health tourists to an exceptional experience. Our strong foundation in world-class medical care, which we have built over 25 years of unstinting effort, means that we are recognized for our patient-centric care and our investment in healthcare technologies and innovations to enhance patient experience. Add to this our global affiliations with some of the most prestigious names in international medical care, such as Mayo Clinic, and our American standard of care, and it is clear why American Hospital Dubai is a preferred destination for patients from abroad.

Our services and facilities for health tourists

Our multi-disciplinary primary, secondary and tertiary medical care is widely acknowledged as among the best in the world.

Equipped with sophisticated laboratories, we are a multi-specialty state-of-the art hospital with international JCCI accreditation and offer a range of medical and surgical services in some of the most-sought after domains for health tourists such as cardiology, cosmetic surgery, robotic surgery, oncology, orthopedics and general surgery.

Our dedicated faculty consists of leading American Board-certified doctors, surgeons and other medical staff providing a very high standard of quality care.

Treatment planning: With you every step of the way

Whether you are near to the UAE or far away, our expert team bridges the distances effortlessly with its reassuring remote assistance in the most effective way, addressing all your concerns before you travel here. When you reach out to us from your country, our telemedicine consultation facilitates a heart-to-heart communication with you that covers all aspects of assessment, including medical reports and diagnostics, to reassure you of our presence at every step of your enquiry.

International Patient Desk

Our International Patient Desk is highly experienced in addressing every single medical and travel-related need of the health tourist. From consultation, visas, flight bookings and airport transfers, to hotel bookings and free transportation to hotel, we take care of everything, keeping in mind the safety requirements and regulations of the pandemic.

Even before medical tourists plan their visit, they can seek appointments and consultations through our advanced, state-of-the-art telemedicine facility. The hospital has specialty doctors in all fields of medicine, who engage in a thorough telemedicine consultation with the patient, covering every aspect of their medical history and addressing every query of the patient.

Whatever be the nature of your concern - treatment, cost, scope, arrangements, or regulations in the UAE due to the pandemic, we are here to support and advise you on all fronts.

Need a second opinion? We are here for you

For those on the lookout for a second opinion for any disease or health condition, our international team desk will guide you to our specialty doctor. The team will coordinate with you at every step, from finding the right doctor to making the appointment booking for a virtual consultation.


Several firsts for American Hospital Dubai since 1996:

  • Since 2016, the first inaugural member of the prestigious Mayo Clinic Care Network.

  • American Hospital Dubai's cancer program was the first to offer comprehensive one-stop care in Dubai

  • The Cancer Care Center at the American Hospital Dubai has remained a leading center of excellence for cancer care within the region since opening its medical campus in 2005

  • The first laboratory in the private sector to be accredited by the College of American Pathologists.

  • In 2020, the American Hospital Dubai launched the first AI research center in the region, in partnership with global healthcare technology company Cerner.

  • More than 100 surgeries were completed since the launch of the robotic-assisted surgery services – cementing the position towards digital transformation.