Set Healthier Lifestyle Goals in The New Norm

Set Healthier Lifestyle Goals in The New Norm

COVID 19 crisis has taught more people to think of living a healthier lifestyle.

Now life has to accustom with the new norm, and the choice of wholesome foods will lead you to live life with a better experience.

Go natural

Eat real foods that are more natural, as these fuels the body with the nutrients, preventing it from various ailments like cataracts, infertility, neurodegenerative conditions, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. These are power packed with essential vitamins and mineral to boost your mood and immunity.

Whole fruits are a healthier choice than freshly squeezed juices. Your body needs (healthy) fats, and need more protein as you age.

Processing foods destroys nutrients like vitamins B and C. They contain simple carbohydrates that create an adverse effect not only on our blood sugar but also worsen the mood and raises anxiety.

Shun the stress

Avoid the stress and a low mood swing, as this suppresses your immune systems. Instead, target on immune-boosting foods that lessen the anxiety and boosts body’s resistance power towards diseases.

Studies indicate that foods rich in vitamin C like citrus fruits and red bell peppers support your immune system. And those rich in zinc, magnesium and omega-3s also support immunity, helping you feel calmer and relieve stress and anxiety.

Zinc-rich foods options include oysters, clams, mussels, cashews, liver, beef, and egg yolks. Foods rich in magnesium are legumes, nuts, seeds, leafy greens, and whole grains. Fatty fish like wild Alaskan salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids. Also, add spices in your diet like ginger, garlic, turmeric, and chilli peppers.

Tips to make mindful choices:

  •       Make a schedule and plan your daily meal.
  •       Consume fewer processed, high-salt or high-sugar snacks.
  •       Load your diet up on fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats, and lean proteins.
  •       Skip the high-sugar soda and juices; instead flavour water with edible citrus or berries.
  •       Enjoy an occasional comfort food as a weekly treat — pick a day and enjoy whatever you want but make sure not to have all your favourite items on the same day.

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